The 3 best mouth-to-lung (MtL) vaping kits of 2020

What are the top mouth to lung vaping starter kits on the market right now? If you’re new to vaping, and are looking for recommendations for the best kits, look no further...

Our helpful team at Vape UK HQ wanted to pass on their advice for selecting the best vaping kit. If you’re looking to quit smoking and start vaping, or if (like me) you’re a seasoned mouth-to-lung (MtL) vaper looking for a new kit, here are our recommendations for the top MtL vaping kits that are currently available.

Innokin Adept Zlide Kit

Big power, small size, and robustly built, the Innokin Adept Zlide kit is a fantastic addition to the Innokin range.

It’s so easy to set-up - absolutely fool-proof (as well as being dust-proof, shock-proof, and water-proof!). There are just two buttons; one to power on/off and fire the tank, and another to cycle through the power levels.

If you’re new to vaping, and aren’t yet au fait with wattage selection, worry not. The Adept also has an auto select function which chooses the ideal wattage range based on it recognising a sub-ohm or above ohm coil. The main advantage here, for new vapers, is that it won’t allow you to select a wattage that’s too high for the coil to manage, meaning you won’t burn out the coil too quickly.

The kit is delivered with a classic Zenith Z 1.6 ohm coil - perfect for MtL vaping, or for use with nic salts. The coils are also backward compatible; if you’ve previously had a tank that takes Zenith Z coils, you can also use them in the Zlide tank - which widens your ohm options.

You also get the next generation Z-PLEX3D 0.48 ohm Kanthal 3D mesh coil which delivers improved coil life, warmth and flavour.

The 2ml Zlide tank is a simplified version of the superb Zenith tank (which you can also use with the Zlide battery). It’s generous filling port means it’s super easy to refill regardless of the bottle size you’re using. It features a child-proof design and replacing the coil in the tank is a breeze. Simply turn the tank upside down, unscrew the base and pull out the old coil before pushing in a new one. This method also means that, if you’ve realised the coil needs changing just as you’ve refilled with vape juice, you won’t lose any of that precious liquid.

The most impressive selling point for me is the whopping 3000mAh internal battery. Even if you’re a heavy vaper (like me) you can get a couple of days out of the battery before you need to charge. The 2Amp microUSB enables fast charging when needed, and the LED screen clearly indicates battery level.

Design-wise, it just feels really solid! The rubberised finish is soft to the touch, and ultra durable. There are six finishes to choose from and they are designed to IP67 waterproof standards. The standard 510 thread means that you can use the mod with a different tank, if you prefer. You also get plenty of spare parts included in the kit, making it even longer lasting.

Innokin Adept Zlide Kit Verdict

A solid, hassle free kit with an unbelievable battery life for its size. We highly recommend the Innokin Adept Zlide for new vapers, as well as seasoned MtL vapers, looking for a simple kit that just works.

Uwell Crown Pod System 

Power and flavour in your pocket. The masters of flavour delivery at Uwell have done it again with the Crown Pod System.

For a device this size, having such a powerful integrated 1250mAh rechargeable battery is amazing. Full disclaimer, this is my pod kit of choice right now and, even though I rarely have it out of my hand, I easily get a full day’s usage out of it.

You get a choice of two pods with the kit. Installed is a 1.0ohm MtL pod, and a spare 0.6ohm DtL pod is included if that’s your preference. When it comes to replacing the pods, you simply select your chosen ohm and purchase a twinpack.

The pods themselves are really easy to fill. Simply snap the drip tip cover backwards, and insert the nozzle into the refilling grommet. Squeeze your e-liquid bottle gently - the pod is full when you can see liquid reach the airflow shaft.

Speaking of airflow, the airflow valve on the side of the pod is fully adjustable. Shut off the airflow if you want the tight, restricted feeling of smoking a cigarette. Open fully for large satisfying clouds. Or, maybe, choose something in between.

One feature that I really love is the auto-draw function. The kit utilises an air pressure sensor which means that you can direct vape without the need to use the fire button. By properly controlling the heating temperature of the draw, the flavour delivery is simply delightful.

I always have a couple of 1.0ohm pods on the go. One with my longtime favourite e-juice which is the Soda Shots grape shortfill. The other I use with a nic salt e-liquid for when I need a bit more nicotine without any harshness. I can confidently report that the pods handle both types of vape juice beautifully.

Design wise, the Uwell Crown Pod System is simple and classic. It’s available in 4 gorgeous colours, each featuring a stylish gothic strip. It’s teeny tiny, and extremely light, but still manages to feel really well made.

Uwell Crown Pod System Verdict

This is a great value pod kit. Simple to use, ultra discreet, and elegant, the Uwell Crown delivers unbelievable flavour. The battery life is an added bonus and the autodraw functionality just adds to the refined simplicity. You can also check out full review on YouTube.

TECC Arc GTi Kit

The simplicity of the Arc GTi belies its technological ability - making it perfect for new and experienced vapers alike.

For new vapers, the kit is absolutely failsafe. The GT Air tank is really user friendly but never compromises on flavour. The sliding top features a push release button to avoid the tank opening in your pocket. The airflow adjustment is also spot on if you’re new to vaping and want to closely replicate the tight draw of smoking cigarettes.

The push fit coil system, just like the Innokin Adept Zlide, can be done with a tank full of e-liquid. When you remove the used coil, the e-liquid chamber seals shut. When the new coil is pushed into position, the chamber opens up again. No spills. No mess. No fuss.

The coils that come with the kit are 1.2ohm which suits MtL vapers looking for a more restricted hit. DtL vapers can opt for the 0.6ohm mesh coils for larger clouds and a looser draw.

Even though the Arc GTi is fairly compact, it still manages to house an impressive 3000MaH battery. As a seasoned MtL vaper, I rarely stray above 12W so as to avoid burning out my above ohm coils. Even vaping consistently throughout the day, I didn’t manage to get through a full battery charge. However, the kit is capable of reaching 80W so I doubt you’d get a full day of vaping at this kind of power level.

In order to take advantage of the higher wattage capability, you could use the battery with a sub-ohm tank, or even an RDA - the sturdy 510 thread makes the battery cross compatible. If you’re an experienced enough vaper to want to do this, you might also find some of the enhanced features useful. These include puff count, stealth mode, preheat function, and resistance locking, and are all easily accessed via the advanced menu. Most new vapers won’t need these features in the beginning, but the kit is robust enough to last until they have enough vaping know-how to find them useful.

When charging is required, the Arc GTi features the latest USB-C fast charging facility. You might know this technology better from new mobile phone models. Having this means that the GTi can fully recharge in just 90 minutes when using the supplied QC 3.0 charging lead.

Looks wise, the Arc GTi has a more classic design that some of the modern, snazzy pod kits. The four battery colours are subtle and classy, and all options are topped off with the polished chrome GT Air tank. It’s not the smallest, but neither is it the chunkiest starter kit available. In fact, it has a good weight and the dimensions feel comfortable in the hand.

TECC Arc GTi Kit Verdict

We’re really impressed with this kit. It’s the most expensive MtL kit on our list; however, the versatility of being able to switch easily from MtL to DtL tanks as your vaping technique advances makes it well worth the extra cash. The quality of the kit in general, plus the availability of the advanced functionality, make the TECC Arc GTi a contender for the best MtL vape kit right now.

Mouth-to-lung kit recommendations 2020 takeaways

These three MtL kits represent the products that we will recommend to anyone asking us for our advice right now. However, the vaping industry moves quickly, and improvements to vaping hardware are constantly on the go. What we recommend today might very well change next month.

As such, we will continue to update this guide to ensure our recommendations are always completely up to date. If, for some reason, none of these kits sound up your street, you could check previous recommendations or simply get in touch. We’ve got loads more great kits available so we’re sure to find you the perfect product for your particular vaping style.