Tank to Tank: Making an E-Liquid Transfer

While we all go to great lengths to properly maintain our setups, things happen. Sometimes, we drop our vape tank and end up cracking the glass. Other times, we find that our coil somehow gets stuck to the installation mechanism within the juice well. Whatever the case may be, a lot of us encounter situations that make us want to transfer our vape juice from one tank to another so that we can go on vaping just like before.
But, is it actually okay to pour the e-liquid that’s in one tank into another? Well, we’re going to be answering that question in full detail today so that you can make the right decision.

Is it Okay to Transfer E-Liquid from One Tank to Another?
The bottom line is yes, it’s okay to transfer e-liquid between tanks. There’s no actual risk of harm involved, assuming that your e-liquid hasn’t been tainted in some way. So, if you want to move vape juice from one tank to another, you absolutely can.

Why Might Someone Want to Transfer E-Liquid from One Tank to Another?
The most common reason for transferring vape juice between tanks is because something has gone wrong with the tank that you’re using. Perhaps it’s clogged, or the coil has managed to fuse itself to the inside of the tank. Or, maybe the glass is broken.
Another reason is because you want to consolidate. If you have two tanks with a very little amount of fresh e-juice in them, and the flavors complement each other, you may think it’s a better idea to consolidate them so you can enjoy every last drop.

How to Transfer Vape Juices Between Tanks Properly
First, we wanna say that if you wish to do this because your tank has broken, it’s very important that you check to make sure there’s no broken glass in the juice well. If there is, simply discard that vape juice altogether and start fresh with a new tank.
When it comes to moving e-liquid between tanks, you want to make sure that the new tank you’ll be using is completely clean. If it contains traces of old e-liquid in it, rinse it out and make sure that each part of the tank has been cleaned carefully.
You also want to check the coil that’s in the new tank to make sure that it’s fresh. Old coils will contain traces of the old e-liquid in them, which can negatively impact the taste of your vaping experience. And, lastly, never put freebase nic vape juice from an old tank into a cartridge intended for salt nic e-liquid.

Final Thoughts…
It’s perfectly safe to move e-liquid from one tank to another for whatever reason. The key is going about it properly, which involves the steps listed above. By following this guide, you’ll be able to continue enjoying your tasty clouds no matter what tank you’re using.