Taking Your Coil Building Game to the Next Level Here in 2023

There comes a point in every DIY vapers’ life when they wish to explore more advanced methods of building coils. As an influx of vapers are getting interested in building their own coils, it’s becoming much easier to find materials that allow them to take their hobby to the next level.

Of course, it’s important to point out that you should NOT attempt these advanced coil tips until you’ve mastered some of the more beginner-oriented configurations.

How to Take Your Coil-Building Game to the Next Level: Advanced Tips for the Experienced Vaper
If you’re ready to get into more advanced coils, follow these awesome and quick tips below. Keep in mind, too, that with some patience and practice, you will be well on your way to building highly intricate coils that deliver a seriously sublime vape.

Quick Tip #1: Join Vape Forums
The best places to learn about the latest advancements in coils are online forums that are made for advanced vapers. Here, you’ll be able to interact with people who have lots of experience with building advanced coil designs. You’ll be able to get their advice regarding certain coil-building practices in order to gain serious knowledge.

Quick Tip #2: Invest in Advanced Equipment
To build more advanced coils, you will need more advanced equipment. First, a high-speed drill is essential for intricate wrapping. Ball-bearing swivels are also important in order to craft highly functional, flawlessly designed coil configurations.

Quick Tip #3: Watch Online Tutorials
The best way to become an expert at building advanced coils is to take the time to watch online tutorials. You’ll be able to follow along as highly experienced coil builders walk you through the process of making more complicated builds.

Quick Tip #4: Explore Different Wire Types
If you’ve been playing it safe up until now, you’ve likely found one type of wire that you like and have stuck with it all along. However, to really get into more advanced coils, you’re going to need to broaden your horizons.

For the more advanced builds, Kanthal and Nichrome tend to be the preferred wires. However, feel free to experiment. Also, don’t be afraid to create hybrid coils as each type of wire brings something unique to the table.

How to Start Making More Advanced Builds
Once you get a better understanding of coil building and what it curtails, you can then take it up a notch with these two simple strategies.

Advanced Coil Building Strategy Option #1: Become an Expert at Building Clapton Coils</h3>
Clapton coils are incredibly hot at the moment despite the fact that they haven’t been around for that long. Inspired by a guitar string, the Clapton coil consists of two wires that are tightly wrapped around each other. A higher gauge wire is wrapped around a lower gauge wire, increasing the heating surface area.

This coil style is so popular because it has profoundly positive effects on both cloud production and flavor. However, it’s definitely not a simple style. It requires lots of patience and the proper equipment. Still, it’s worth investing some time into crafting this coil style as the process will make it easier to create even more advanced styles later on.

Advanced Coil Building Strategy Option #2: Explore the Alien Coil
More advanced than the Clapton coil, the alien coil is considered highly advanced but well worth the effort. The enormous heating surface area can give you the best clouds of your life.

To make an alien coil, first you must build a Clapton coil. Then, you must carefully remove the interior wire. Once the interior wire has been removed, the coil is carefully wrapped around a multi-strand core wire that has the same gauge as the original interior wire.