Switching Out E-Liquids in Different Attys: What You Need to Know!

Have you recently purchased a new rebuildable atty (aka atomizer)? If so, you’ve probably watched tons of online tutorial videos in order to fully grasp how to make the most of your DIY coil configurations. With these types of atomizers, you can really customize your vaping experience by building unique coil configurations that do everything from improve the taste of your e-liquid to seriously speed up the firing time. These attys can also save you tons of money as you don’t have to constantly stock up on pre-made coils from vape hardware brands.

One of the most overlooked aspects of maintaining a rebuildable atomizer is understanding how to properly switch from one e-juice flavor to the next. If you don’t do this properly, you’ll end up ruining your flavor experience as the taste of your last e-liquid will interfere with the taste of your new one. Plus, not cleaning out old vape juice can cause gunk to develop on your coils and your atomizer’s mechanisms, causing your flavor to taste burnt while interfering with your ability to get a good hit.

How to Switch Out E-Liquid Depending on the Atty that You’re Using
Luckily, the process of switching e-liquids is quite easy and requires very little time. In fact, we’re gonna now explain how to switch out those e-juices based on which type of rebuildable atty you’re utilizing.

RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer)/RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer)
Despite the fact that Rebuildable Atomizers and Rebuildable Tank Atomizers look quite similar, they’re actually very different. Both of these atomizers have a juice well that’s compatible with freebase e-liquid. But, while RTAs require you to build your own coils, RBAs allow you to choose whether you wish to use the build deck or install a pre-made coil, making them highly versatile.

Now, even though these are apparent differences, the process of switching out e-liquids is exactly the same.

·1. You have to remove the coil. If you’ve just installed a new coil, we’re sorry, but you’re going to have to get rid of it. You can, however, put it in a small bag and save it for the next time you plan to use the same e-liquid flavor. This way you won’t feel that you’ve wasted money.
·2.Next, take apart the components of the atomizer and run them under lukewarm water.
·3.If there is any gunk from old e-liquid, dislodge it carefully with a cotton swab.
·4.Then, dry each piece and put the atomizer back together before installing a fresh coil and filling it with your new e-liquid.

RDA (Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer)
Things are a bit simpler with a Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer, simply because an RDA has less components than the other types of atomizers that are out there. As an RDA is intended for dripping, it doesn’t contain a juice well. All that you have to do is:

·1.Remove the cotton wick that you used with the old e-liquid.
·2.Next, fire your device for a few seconds at a low wattage to burn away any remaining cotton fibers that are stuck to the coil. T
·3.Then, simply pour in your new e-liquid and drip away.

Again, if you’ve only just recently inserted a fresh piece of cotton and you really don’t want to waste it, you’re more than welcome to place that cotton in a bag and use it again when you go back to the last e-juice flavor.

Final E-Liquid Atty Thoughts
As you can see, there’s really nothing to switching out e-liquids regardless of what type of atomizer you’re using. Still, it is strongly recommended that you follow these instructions so that you can have the best flavor experience possible.