Switching From Classic E-Cigarettes to Sub-Ohm Vaping

Your vape kit is all about personal preference, and being able to completely customise your setup is a big advantage of vaping for many vapers.
In the early days, and particularly when making the switch from traditional cigarettes, most people began with the classic pen-like e-cigarette because it's quick, simple and easy to start with.
As time goes on and you become more experienced, sub-ohm box mods start to appeal for the customisation options.
Today we're running through the pros and cons of both and what you need to think about if you're considering upgrading from a classic pen e-cig.

Starter Vape Kits
The pen-like e-cigarettes are ideal starter kits for beginners because they are simple and straightforward to use, as well as small and portable, making it easy to travel light.
There's no complicated settings to worry about - you load it with your e-liquid and go.  They're easy to use even with very little experience and can offer you great results as you're starting out.
This style of e-cigarette is used for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, which is a close replacement for those trying to quit smoking, too.
Traditional e-liquid flavours can come in a higher nicotine strength, making them a good option for smokers who are looking to cut back or wean themselves off nicotine permanently.
Another huge advantage to the pen shape is how discreet it is. It fits easily into a pocket or purse and doesn't draw much attention when in use. The vapour cloud tends to be much smaller than with a sub-ohm box mod making it much easier to fade into the background.

When It's Time To Switch
As you get more experienced, you might find you outgrow your pen e-cig and want something that offers you a little more.
The right time to make the switch is when you feel comfortable and confident in all the features of your simpler starter kit and are ready to invest a little more time and energy into your setup.
There's a steeper learning curve when it comes to sub-ohm vape kits, so it's best to wait to invest the time and money until you know vaping is something you enjoy and intend to keep doing.
In exchange for the effort, box mods offer you a whole host of features to make your vaping experience better. With a larger kit you can get better battery life and customisation options like variable wattage and temperature control.
Some of the most exciting e-liquid flavours being produced today are for sub-ohm vapers, which is another reason many people eventually choose to graduate up to a box mod when a high nicotine concentration isn't as big a priority.
Ultimately, there's no right or wrong way to vape - it's a matter of personal preference. Pen-like e-cigs offer something simple, discreet and easy, which tends to be most appealing to beginners and occasional vapers.
Experienced vapers and anyone who likes to be in complete control of every setting typically migrate to a box mod because it offers just that little bit extra.