Surge – How Does an E-cigarette Work Without A Coil?

How Does An E-Cigarette Work Without Coil
E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that work by heating e-liquid into an aerosol that users can inhale.

A typical e-cigarette has an atomizer with a small heating element that vaporizes e-liquid and wicking material that draws in liquid. At the heart of the atomizer is the coil. Its resistance wire and absorbent material allow it to heat the e-liquid into vapour. When activated, the resistance wire coil heats up and vaporizes the e-liquid, which users then inhale.

Can an e-cigarette work without a coil? The answer is yes; it works very well. Ultrasonic vaping technology makes e-cigarettes coil free. Surge, a new ultrasonic vaping brand, has developed an ultrasonic chip that vibrates at a super-high frequency of 3 million hits per second to split e-liquid into a cloud of vapour.

Ultrasonic heating creates smaller particles that deliver nicotine content more efficiently for increased vaping satisfaction. This is particularly suitable for smokers who seek alternatives from traditional cigarettes.

No wires are heated to produce vapour which prevents harmful dry hits and burnt taste. Vapour is created at a lower working temperature, producing fewer potential toxins and chemical by-products.

Ultrasonic atomization technology is commonly used in the medical treatment. Now it is being introduced into the vaping industry. We eagerly await the market’s feedback and inclusion of this technology into the vaping application.

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Surge have certainly thrown the cat amongst the pigeons with this new vaping concept.

It will be interesting to compare their device in terms of flavor and performance against a standard pod using a coil and wick method. Will the flavor and nicotine hit be noticeably different? Will we be able to use our own e-liquid in their device? How long will the e-liquid last when subjected to ultrasonic vibration?

Lots of questions I know and hopefully they will be answered as the Surge device is introduced into the vaping market.

One positive scenario that could come out of this is no more having to buy packs of coils. Now that can’t be a bad thing can it!!!