Summer Vaping — 10 Tips for Vaping while Frolicking on the Beach

Your idea of sizzling and getting tanned on the beach while drinking cocktails might not be the idea of a great summer your vape would share with you. 

As an experienced vaper, I’ve had my fair share of dead devices due to overheating and not being careful. 

Yeah, vaping on the beach can be a bi*ch, trust me.

That’s why the focus of this post is summer vaping.

Basically, if you take anything out of this post, it should be this — prepare as if you’re bringing a small child on the beach! Honestly, e-liquid vape pens are fussy in the heat, and yours will give up on you if you don’t treat it right.

Ready to learn how to protect your vape device from sand and sun?

Let’s get into it.

10 Tips That Will Make Vaping On the Beach a Breeze

Summer is a season almost everyone looks forward to. We coordinate our vacation days and work accordingly and “stress” about the locations we want to visit.

We spend so many hours preparing for the trip, packing enough clothes, food, beach/summer accessories, etc. But what’s with your vape?

Sit down and let’s go through the essentials.

#1 Avoid Excessive Heat [Duh… Right?]

An obvious one, duh. 

Or is it? 

The most common misconception is that leaving something in your car (away from the sun’s direct light) is a safe play. 


Even though your device won’t be directly “attacked” by the sun’s rays, the heat that builds up inside might cause a ton of issues. 

In this case, there are two paths you can take. The first one is to leave your device at home if you are going for a fast swim before dinner and you don’t plan on vaping.

The second one is to take your device with you and stash it under the towel in some shade. It is ok to use your friends’ stuff to additionally smother your device, for additional layers of course. They won’t mind, they love you. Right?

#2 Think About Your Battery Juice

This one can be determined depending on the place you are going to. Beach, to be more precise. If you are the type of person that likes to enjoy your summer vacation from the cozy seat of a lounge bar you will be summer vaping with a mod that has a long-lasting battery and charger cable on your person in case you need a refill. 

On the other hand, if you are more of a “Robinson Crusoe” type of person you might want to have a few external batteries just in case. Searching for deserted beaches where you can kick off and enjoy the silence is definitely a vacation for the soul, but will you be able to enjoy vaping on the beach without your trusty vape?

Stock up.

#3 Bring a Robust Device [Check IP Ratings]
Sand and water will ruin a perfectly good vape device every time.

That’s why you want to make sure that you bring a robust device with you — a device that’s both waterproof and dustproof.

The check how your device can handle both, check its IP [ingress protection] rating.

This rating is expressed as a IPXX double-digit marking.

·dustproof rating — expressed by the first digit after the IP. You want this number to be either 5 or six — this means that the device will behave well in a dusty environment.

·waterproof rating — this is the second digit. You want it to be either 7 or 8. 8 means it’s completely waterproof.

So when checking the IP rating of a vape device, make sure it’s either IP67 or IP 68, and you’ll be set for vaping on the beach.

#4 Move Your Vape Juice from Direct Sunlight
Chemical reactions, man. I loved them when I was a kid in school, but when they ruin my e-liquid, I get bummed. 

So, if you didn’t know (like me), the sun can and will mess up your liquid if you leave it outside for too long. It does not matter whether it’s inside the bottle or in your vape. My suggestion would be to have a mod with a smaller container (if you are not a cloud chaser, of course)to fully enjoy your summer vaping. You will refill more often, yes, but trust me; the sun can be a B***H. The most common sign that your liquid has been too long in direct sun will be the change of color. It does not matter which juice you are using, it will become darker and the flavor will be bland.

Don’t want to waste your liquid? Hide it, store it, and bring it out only when you need to. 

#5 Buy/Build More Coils And Have Spares

High temperatures, less moisture where you need it and more where you don’t. 
Summer, right?

If you are kicking your whole vaping spiel with rebuildable mods you might want to stock on coils too. Not that I doubt your expertise in building them, I simply imply that uncontrolled temperatures (such as the sun) can have a direct effect on the performance of your device, ergo, burning your coils faster and ruining your summer vaping. You will burn through a few in your week or two, 100%.

Also, don’t forget additional cotton if you’re rebuilding.

#6 Carry a Fanny Pack
If you already have an accessory bag, fanny pack, or shaded case for your vape game, kudos to you. I admit no one can pull something like this the way The Rock did, but we can try. 

At first, I was totally against that (don’t like to carry too much stuff when going to the beach), but man was I wrong. Most of the troubles I had with vaping on the beach were resolved with this little piece of equipment. All your supplies; batteries, liquids, oils, herbs, coils, cotton, charger…etc. can be stored in one place. So, instead of hiding your stuff all around the place, now you have only one thing to “stress” about.

#7 Research Whether Vaping Is Allowed
Vaping on the beach is fun, yes. 

But should you do it? Vaping on UK beaches can be a totally different experience than vaping on US beaches.

If you are a dog owner, you will probably know this one. 


Before I got my dog, I didn’t care when and where I went for a swim. To me, the beach was a beach and that’s it. Now that I have a dog, all I care about is if he can come with me and have a swim without bothering anyone around us.

The same goes with vaping on the beach too. You might want to do some research before you head out for your perfect vacation. Check if the place you are staying in allows vaping. The same goes with transport, if you are not using your own vehicle.

And lastly, the beaches you plan on visiting. Yeah, going off-road, and exploring the wild side of the island you are on won’t be that of an issue. However, more populated places could have some special rules you want to know before you accidentally break them.

I can tell that vaping on beaches in Europe is not something uncommon, and there are no special restrictions (mostly because no one cares), but you should still check your destination just to be sure.

#8 Pick Summer Flavors
Maybe I went a little too harsh on you with so many DON’Ts, but in my defense; tough love baby. Ok, ok, I covered most of the things you want to keep your eye on if you don’t want to ruin your setup. Let’s be honest here, the money you spend on it is not something you take lightly.

Now, the fun part. Summer calls for summer flavors. You want to enjoy your cocktail drinks to the fullest, right? I highly recommend fruity flavors such as watermelon, maybe a bit of menthol to cool you down. Tangerine, mango… Flavors to die for. 

Most companies like to go with the flow and will be releasing summer flavors as soon as summer knocks on the door so all you need to do is have a closer look.

#9 Clean Your Device Regularly

At the end of your day on the beach, always clean your vape device.
In some cases, it will be enough just to wipe it clean.

This doesn’t mean that you get to skip that — it’s important. Make sure that all the contacts are free of dust and sand by unscrewing everything, and double-checking it.

Trust me — this takes two minutes tops, but it can save you from the world of pain.

#10 Vaping Etiquette — Always Think About It

Don’t be that person. 

Yeah, we all love to make huge clouds of vapor and we certainly enjoy the smell of Fruity Pebbles liquid, but you are not alone on the beach. Some people still look at vaping as similar to smoking so try your best to not annoy your beach neighbors.

And Now You’re Ready for the Summer of Vape
I do hope these tips for vaping at the beach will help you out if you are new to the game. 

Also, if you are an experienced vaper you can still use them as a reminder.

All in all, unfortunately, even if you hide your vape from the direct sun there are other factors like heat or water (sea) that can be detrimental to their life. During the summer some vapers follow the easier way and switch back to tobacco, but that won’t lead you anywhere in the long run.

If you are a passionate vaper like I am, summer will be just another excuse to spend a bit more money on awesome liquids, accessories, or even a completely new setup (just because you can). 

And lastly — stay safe, enjoy vaping, and keep everything secured.