Are you a vaper who still can’t produce the clouds you aim for? Perhaps you are reading this article because you want to know the secret behind massive clouds. Do not doubt your smoking skills or the current electric cigarette you use. The truth is that the people who produce thick and massive clouds use a special vape that this article will look at more closely.

Introducing the Sub-Ohm Vaping
Sub-ohm vaping or sub-ohming uses an electronic cigarette with a coil that has a resistance level below one ohm. The resistance of coils for regular vapes often ranges between 1.5 to 3 ohms. When the coil is below the usual resistance, it could cause the atomiser to do the following:

·The coil heats up faster.
·The vape vaporises more liquid than usual.
·It could result in a more robust flavour.
·The increased current in the coil would enable you to produce thick clouds.

Factors That Can Affect Your Sub-Ohm Vaping Experience
·Coil Resistance determines whether you have a sub-ohm vape or not. The lower your coil resistance is, the more current your vape can conduct.
·Battery Voltage. Increasing your battery voltage can result in higher wattage. 
·Wattage. The more wattage your device can produce, the more vapour and flavour it can make.

What You Can Enjoy With Sub-Ohm Vaping
If you decide to experience sub-ohming, here are some of the main benefits you could enjoy:

·Warmer Vapes. Some vape users prefer a warmer vape, and if you belong to this category, a sub-ohm vape would be perfect for you. If you have a large device, it can power your device up to 200 watts without burning your coils. The higher power output results in a higher firing temperature. 
·Epic Flavours. If you want a better-tasting e-juice during your smoking experience, the sub-ohm vape can also provide you with it. The smoking process in sub-ohming utilises a lot of juice in one go, increasing the flavour when you smoke.
·Big Clouds. Sub-ohm vaping allows you to generate thicker and bigger clouds, perfect for cloud chasers and stunt vapers.

The Best Vapes for Cloud Chasing
The recommended vapes for sub-ohming depends on many factors, one being your experience level. 

If you are a novice in cloud chasing experience, consider getting a pen vape. Look for regulated tube mods because they usually come bundled with sub-ohm tanks. These are often powered by 18650 or 20700/21700 batteries. The pen vape works by combining the tank with the battery. It is ideal for beginners because it does not require any fancy setup. Once you buy it, you can immediately start your sub-ohm journey.

On the other hand, if you are an experienced vaper, you have many vapes to choose from. Look into box mods in the market and find the best one that suits your needs. Here are some points you need to consider when buying one:

·Find a box mod that can fire at high wattage for more immense cloud effects.
·Make sure to buy an atomiser that could go with it.

Simply put, if you want to puff larger and thicker clouds while enjoying more intense flavours, consider using a sub-ohm vape. It is the perfect vape for cloud chasers who also want a stronger hit. The best thing about it is that you can find the ideal vape no matter your vaping preference.