Some Differences Between Pod and Mod Vapes that You Need to Know

The vaping community has so many terms that sometimes is overwhelming. Perhaps you have heard about mods and pods, but you are not sure about the differences between pod and mod vapes. They look different and they are designed for different vaping styles. For instance, pods are smaller, more convenient and generally easy to configure and vape. On the other hand, mod vapes are designed for more vapor and flavor production.

Vape Mods

aspire Dynamo, a powerful mod

Vape mods are designed for cloud chasing and vapers who look for more flavor production. However, you can also vape a mod at a lower wattage.  Owning a mod doesn’t necessarily imply that you need to vape at super-high wattage for massive vapor production. In other words, you can vape it at 20-30 W and still enjoy a satisfactory vaping experience.

There are some differences between pod and mod vapes. For instance, with a mod you can have a vaping style that it would be difficult to obtain with a pod. For example, if you combine a mod with vegetable glycerin then you can get a great vapor production.

Vegetable glycerin is the e-liquid component that helps to produce more and more dense vapor. Vapers with mod devices prefer e-juices with more vegetable glycerin for cloud production.

Generally, vapers choose vape mods for cloud production and flavor; and pods for nicotine intake. Again, this doesn’t mean you can’t vape nicotine with a mod. You can perfectly vape nicotine with your mod, but many users find pods more convenient for nicotine intake.

In addition, mods are larger and customizable. Many mods have panels with different patterns and colors. Furthermore, you can also adjust the wattage and voltage of a mod device. In other words, a mod device has more settings and options that allow the vaper to adapt the device to his preferable vaping style.

Vape mods generally don’t have an auto-firing mode, which means that you need to press the firing button every time you want to puff from it.

Vape Pods

Aspire SLX pod device.

Vape pods are more convenient, portable and easy to vape than mods. For instance, pods are generally auto-draw devices with just basic settings. Usually, pods don’t have adjustable wattage as they are designed to resemble cigarette smoking. For example, vape pods are mouth to lung devices (MTL) like cigarettes.

Unlike mods, pods are not designed for cloud production. On the contrary, vape pods are designed for nicotine intake and also for stealth vaping.
Additionally, if you are looking for a more cost-effective device, vape pods are your choice.  

Back in the day, pod vapes were not very effective, the taste was bad and their vape performance was not good. However, pod vapes have evolved and nowadays there are many effective pod vapes with good flavor production and battery life.

At Aspire we have pod devices such as the Aspire SLX with prefilled disposable pods. The new pod devices are very effective with improved batteries and pods. For instance, the aspire SLX is designed with a special built-in channel to prevent spitbacks and e-liquid leaks. Furthermore, we have recently launched a new vape pen, the Oby stick style that also comes with PCTG pods that are magnetically attached to the battery.

However, pods usually need higher nicotine concentration because they produce less vapor than mod devices.

Vape Pods: Prefilled Disposable Pods or Refillable Pods?

New Aspire Oby stick style with refillable pods.

Vape pods or vape pens come in two different categories: prefilled and disposable pods and refillable pods. Lately, refillable pods are more popular than prefilled & disposable pods.

A refillable cartridge or pod gives you more control of what you vape. In short, you can choose your preferred e-liquid.

Let’s emphasize again the importance of a good battery for your pod vaping device. Many famous brands have batteries that run for just 2-3 hours with normal vaping. For example, the Oby stick style is a pod system with a battery of 500 mAh and a coil resistance of 1.2-ohm, which means the battery lasts for much longer than many famous pod vapes. This vape pen is refillable but the coils are non-replaceable, which means you will need to install new pod. How long it lasts depends on how often you vape it.

Vape Pods vs Vape Mods: Advantages and Disadvantages
There are some differences between pod and mod vapes. Predominantly, mods are more powerful and capable of producing more flavor and vapor than pods. From this point of view, mods are better than pods. However, perhaps you are looking for a more discreet device, lighter and portable, then a vape pod is a definitely a better choice than a powerful sub-ohm mod. A vape pen is portable and perfect for stealth vaping. It is the best choice if you just want to vape nicotine salts and you don’t care about big vapor production.

Mod advantages and disadvantages
The table below shows the main advantages and disadvantages of a mod vaping device:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mod Vaping Devices.

Pod Advantages and Disadvantages
Pods don’t have impressive features like many mods. However, pods are useful for many vapers looking for more discreet vaping devices (perfect for stealth vaping). Below, a table with the advantages and disadvantages of a pod device:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pod Vaping Devices.

Differences Between Pod and Mod Vapes: Conclusion
If you ask me, I’d choose a mod before a pod because mods offer more versatility. But, again, this depends on your vaping preferences. For instance, pods are perfect for vaping newbies or just for vapers who care about a simple and effective device for nicotine salts. In addition, pods are more portable, lighter and more discreet. In other words, it depends what your vaping preferences are.

I prefer devices that produce more vapor and flavor. Therefore, a mod is a better option than a pod for me. However, pods are ideal for stealth vaping.

Sometimes you don’t need to choose between one or the other. You can have a mod for more vapor and flavor production and a pod device in situations where you need to stealth vape. In short, if you want a versatile vaping device, then a mod is the best option of you. On the other hand, if you prefer simplicity and an effective device for nicotine salts, then a vape pen or pod systems is the perfect choice.