Smoking Rates Decline Across Uk and EU- Thanks To Vaping

Based on the latest EU statistics, smoking rates have tumbled. Thanks to e-cigarettes. There has been up to 121% increase in the number of smokers which have significantly caused massive switch to safer nicotine products such as vapes or e-cigarettes.

A series of public opinion known as the eurobameter is run by the EU and it has shown, without doubt, that vaping, as well as other safer nicotine products like SNUS are currently proving to be the very best way to quit smoking.

With the help of SNUS, Sweden has almost created a smoke free society. Also, UK has been singled out by the “Tobacco Harm Reduction” for praise too.  According to them- “A large part of this success must be attributed to the UK having public health agencies which support and promote tobacco harm reduction (THR). The value of pointing smokers to safer nicotine product cannot be underestimated”.

Other figures that are coming out of the EU backed survey makes for positive reading too. Below are some them-

·27% of people say they have reduced the use of lit tobacco, thanks to vape products as well as SNUS
·31% of smokers say they have quitted smoking using e-cigarettes- up from 14% last year
·23% said that the cost was what helped them make the switch
·57% of respondents said they began vaping so as to quit smoking
·37% said they made the switch because vaping posed lesser harm as compared to smoking

The most popular way to quit and stay off lit tobacco products are re-fillable pod kits. These pod mods use disposable pods with integrated coils to enable a unique vaping experience. Pod vape systems are usually paired with a nicotine-salt e-liquid to allow you vape nicotine levels suitable for you. In the UK, up to 75% of vapers used this to quit smoking.

According to Martin Dockrell, head of tobacco issues at Public Health England “if you’re a smoker and you have not stopped smoking, try vaping”. He said this in an interview posted on his Twitter feed. Moreover, the government agency has repeatedly said that vaping is 95% less likely harmful than cigarettes.

UK health bodies are relentlessly leading a push for acceptance of products such as Imperial Brands Plc’s Blu and British American Tobacco Plc’s Vype as a way to get people to quit smoking which is linked to cancer, liver disease, heart disease and other ailments.

Europe’s effort to push cigarette smokers to vaping and heated tobacco devices is rooted in a public health approach known as harm reduction campaign. It gained acceptance in the 1980’s for the prevention of HIV as well other diseases among sex workers and injecting drug users. The approach seeks to significantly diminish the impact of risky behaviors.

Moreover, European authorities have combined their embrace of vapes with tougher regulations- restricting marketing to children, for instance, and imposing lower limits on nicotine content- this is what has made the more acceptable to health officials. The UK also prohibits vaping companies from targeting teens. Fictitious or real characters are banned, as are depictions of e-cigarette users who appear to be under 25.