SMOK TFV18 Tank [2023 Product Review]

Welcome to our product review blog article on the SMOK TFV18 TANK. In this review, we will delve into its features, design, functionality, and more. Read on to discover if this device is the right fit for your vaping needs.

The SMOK TFV18 TANK is perfect for anyone seeking robust flavor and satisfying clouds.

Who Should Buy the SMOK TFV18 Tank
The SMOK TFV18 TANK is perfect for both novice and experienced vapers. Its user-friendly features and remarkable performance make it a great choice for anyone seeking robust flavor and satisfying clouds.

What’s Included in the Package
·1 x TFV18 MINI Tank
·1 x 0.2ohm TFV18 Mini Meshed Coils
·1 x Bubble Glass Replacement
·1 x User Manual

Design and Build Quality
Crafted from durable stainless steel, the SMOK TFV18 TANK is built to last. Its 6.5mL Pyrex glass-reinforced tank ensures your eJuice remains pure and untainted. The tank’s sleek design not only looks great but also feels comfortable in your hand.

Available in Black: For those who appreciate a classic and discreet look, the black version is sleek and elegant.

Mod Compatibility
The SMOK TFV18 TANK features a threaded 510 connection, making it compatible with a wide range of mods. Whether you have a new or existing mod, chances are this tank will seamlessly integrate with your setup.

Refillable Pod Size
With a spacious 6.5mL capacity, the SMOK TFV18 TANK is perfect for all-day vaping. The large eJuice reservoir means fewer interruptions to refill, allowing you to enjoy extended vaping sessions without hassle.

Types of Coils
The TFV18 TANK comes with a 0.2ohm TFV18 Mini Meshed Coil pre-installed, providing rapid and even heating for outstanding flavor and vapor production. If you prefer different vaping experiences, explore the SMOK TFV18 Mini Coil Series for coil options that suit your preferences.

Use the list below to pair the coils in your favorite devices with the right e-liquid based on VG/PG ratios: 

·For coils between 0.15 – 0.8Ω: Choose 70VG/30PG blends
·For coils above 0.8Ω: Opt for 50VG/50PG blends
·For coils above 1.0Ω: Select Salt Nicotine blends

How to Use the SMOK TFV18 Tank
·Step 1: Coil Installation: Choose your preferred coil based on your vaping style. Unscrew the base of the tank and gently remove the old coil if needed. Insert the new coil and ensure it’s securely in place.
·Step 2: Filling: To fill the tank, locate the button on the base of the cobra drip tip and press it. This action will unlock the top cap. Slide the top cap open to reveal the filling port. Fill the tank with your chosen e-liquid, taking care not to overfill. Close the top cap securely.
·Step 3: Priming: Before your first vape with a new coil, prime it. Apply a few drops of e-liquid directly onto the coil’s exposed cotton wicking material. This helps prevent dry hits and ensures proper saturation.
·Step 4: Attach to Mod: Screw the base of the tank back onto the tank itself. Attach the tank to your mod with a 510 connection.
·Step 5: Adjust Airflow: Depending on your preference, adjust the airflow control ring at the base of the tank. A more open airflow allows for increased vapor production, while a tighter setting enhances flavor.
·Step 6: Vaping: Adjust your mod’s wattage to your desired level, and you’re ready to start vaping. Press the fire button and enjoy the rich flavor and vapor from your SMOK TFV18 TANK.

Key Takeaways
·The SMOK TFV18 TANK offers outstanding performance and convenience, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced vapers.
·Its 6.5mL capacity, top-fill system, and versatile coil options enhance your vaping experience.
·With durable stainless steel construction and stylish design, it’s a reliable and aesthetically pleasing addition to your vaping setup.