SMOK RPM80 Pro Setup Instructions

While there are many pod mod vaping devices in its class that pose as a great competitor, the SMOK RPM80 Pro towers them all when it comes to convenience, design, features, and performance. The thing about SMOK products is that it is something familiar with each new device. It offers simplicity in its functionality, the designs are always top-notch, and the features are also very reliable.
For those just embarking on their new journey with this latest addition to the RPM Series, we’re sharing our SMOK RPM80 Pro Setup Instructions so that you’re getting right into the mess of it all to ensure you’re vaping in no time!

Setup Instructions

Battery Installation:
When setting up the SMOK RPM80 Pro for the first time, you will want to install a 18650 battery inside of the device to power it. The RPM80 Pro has the ability to hold a single 18650 battery, a common battery size used with vaping devices. The battery does not come included with the kit you purchased, therefore if you do not already have this particular size battery, you will need to purchase one. You can do this by shopping locally or online for a 18650 battery. To begin, locate the battery door that is positioned at the bottom of the device. Slide the battery door open and insert the battery (positive end first) into the bottom of the device. Close the battery door.

Choosing A Pod:
The next task is to choose a pod. There are two pods that come included with the SMOK RPM80 Pro Kit. There is the RPM Pod and the RGC Pod. While both pod options have a 5ML e-liquid capacity, they each use a different set of coil options. The RPM Pod uses RPM coils, while the RGC Pod uses RGC coils. Including in the kit, you’ll have access to an RPM Pod with the 0.4-ohm RPM Mesh Coil, and the RGC Pod with the 0.17-ohm RGC Conical Mesh Coil. The differences between the two, minus the fact that they are two completely different coil types, utilize different material, and have different resistances, is that the RGC coil has an adjustable airflow ring. Choose a pod that best suits your style of vaping.

Priming The Coil:
With the pod not inserted into the device, turn the pod upside down to locate its coil head. Remove the coil head by simply pulling it from the pod. Apply a few drops of e-liquid onto the wicking slots to saturate the cotton before use. Once it looks soaked with e-liquid, reinsert the coil back into the pod.

Inserting The Pod:
Continue by inserting the pod back onto the device. This is very easy since the pod will only go into the device one way. You will notice that within the area where the pod is supposed to be inserted, there are magnets. There are also magnets at the bottom of the pod. Once you insert the pod, it will click into place easily as it is held into place magnetically.

Filling The Pod:
At the top of each pod, there is a silicone stopper, giving it a top-fill design. This makes filling the pod very easy and without any hassle or mess. Simply pull the silicone stopper up and pour e-liquid into the pod through the hole. Once filled, press the silicone stopper back down and you are ready to turn the device on for use.

Turning The Device ON:
To turn the device ON, you will want to press the firing button 5 times within 2-seconds of one another. Once you have pressed the firing button 5 times and the device turns on, you will now see the main screen that displays all of the vital information regarding the device.

Adjusting The Wattage:
Adjusting the wattage is very simple on this device since there are two adjustment buttons located just below the screen. The RPM80 Pro is automatically in wattage mode as soon as you turn the device on. With that said, press the right adjustment button to increase the wattage. To decrease the wattage, press the left adjustment button. The SMOK RPM80 Pro can be adjusted from 1W to 80W but each coil supports a specific range of wattage. Therefore, if you are using the 0.4-ohm Mesh Coil in the RPM Pod, you should set the wattage to around 25W. If you are using the 0.17-ohm Conical Mesh Coil in the RGC Pod, you should set the wattage between 40-80W.

Vaping The SMOK RPM80 Pro:
Now that the device is ready to go on all full cylinders, simply press and hold the firing button and inhale until you’ve reached your level of satisfaction. Stop pressing the firing button once you stop inhaling from the device.