Smok RPM80 Pro Kit Review | The Most Powerful Ever

The first products that Smok has made for the new 2020 are Smok RPM80 Kit and Smok RPM80 Pro Kit. In the past 2019, we have witnessed the changes and innovations of e-cigarettes. The brand-new vape devices, pod mod kit, have made its debut on the market and swept the globe quickly.

As the leader in this field, Smok has set an outstanding example for all vape manufacturers and took the first step bravely. Smok RPM40 Kit is the first pod mod kit on the market. Without any doubt, it's also the most successful pod mod kit by far.

Now, let's jump into today's topic, the review of Smok RPM80 Pro Kit.

(The actual differences between RPM80 and RPM80 Pro is the inner battery type. Except for that, the configurations between them are totally identical. But RPM80 Kit is much smaller due to its internal battery.)
I need to mention something here in case you guys get me wrong. The device, Smok RPM80 Pro Kit, I've gotten is for trail use and review only. So the package is not exactly the same as the final retail version.

Initial Thoughts

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the previous Smok RPM40 Kit. So you will have a clear understanding of the differences between this RPM80 Pro kit and RPM40 Kit. I will put a short comparison in the article below. If you don't want to wait, just scroll down.

Back to the Smok RPM80 Pro Kit, I have to admit that it's the most beautiful pod mod kit I've seen by far. Even though I have expressed how much I love the Voopoo Vinci X Kit in my previous reviews, I just can not help to tell you this RPM80 Pro Kit holds the top spot now!

On the other hand, it becomes much taller and wider than the previous RPM40 Kit. Also, it's fairly bigger than most pod mod kits on the market.

 The Mod

It's hard for me to tell what material used in this Smok RPM80 Pro Kit. The main frame is made of zinc alloy material to guarantee durability. But I have no idea of the pattern panels on both sides. Anyway, it's beautiful.

The main configurations all lay on the front side. The intuitive fire button, screen display, adjustment buttons, and USB port.

And the functionalities still remain the same as Smok RPM40 Kit. Three clicks on the fire button to lock the device; Press the fire button and left button(down button) to clear the puff counter; Press the fire button and right button(up button) to change the theme color; And press the up and down button together to lock the adjustment function.


The reason why I put this comparison here is the low screen brightness on the new Smok RPM80 Pro Kit. Actually, both these two screens are fairly the same. Size, material type, and clarity. But it's pretty easy to differentiate which display is better.

Honestly, I'm not satisfied with the default brightness on RPM80 Pro at all. Especially when you're outside, this screen won't tell you the device status clearly, unless you put it close to your eyes.

One thing is worth mentioning is that the Smok RPM80 devices are equipped with a new IQ-80 chipset to guarantee safety because of higher output. And you can also see a new user interface on the RPM80 devices, which is much more straightforward.

Except for those, there're so many differences we can find as well. Dimension, chassis design, profile design, battery type, output range, and pod cartridge design. In a word, there is nothing in common between them except the similarity of names.

Battery Type

Back to the battery mod, this new Smok RPM80 Pro Kit is driven by an external 18650 battery. Given that, this kit can provide you a maximum output of up to 80 watts. Undeniably, it's much more powerful than Voopoo Vinci X Kit.

But I want to complain about the loose battery door. It's just my subjective cons due to the battery door is pretty much on the loose side without a battery installed. Anyway, I just want to point it out here even it won't cause big issues in daily use.

On the other hand, the regular Smok RPM80 Kit is powered by an internal 3000mAh battery. Honestly, that's quite large. I know it's not that appropriate to compare it to Voopoo Drag Mini Kit, but I can not find any other internal battery box mod kits temporarily. The battery capacity of Drag Mini Kit is 4400mAh, so you can have a clue of how great is a 3000mAh pod mod kit.

The Pod Cartridge

I really appreciate the way Smok do consider their product design. You can always have two different pod cartridges from the package to be compatible with different replacement coils. No exception this time!

Smok RPM pod and Smok RGC pod are what you can get that both are preinstalled with different kinds of OCC coils. RPM pod is designed to be compatible with well-received Smok RPM coil series, and the RGC pod is compatible with new conical mesh coils.

As you can see from the picture, the RGC pod is equipped with an airflow adjustment ring on the bottom. Needless to say, we need that indeed.

As you can see from the picture, the RGC pod is equipped with an airflow adjustment ring on the bottom. Needless to say, we need that indeed.

The Verdict

My favorite thing about this Smok RPM80 Pro Kit is the pod cartridge. It's transparent now and it's easy to tell how much liquid left. And most importantly, the refill port has been moved to the top. You don't have to take off the cartridge to fill it up from now on.

Furthermore, the airflow on this kit is fairly smooth and beautiful. There're two air inlets on both sides, so you can get as much airflow as you want. Even the airflow is adjustable on RGC pod, I personally like to keep it fully opened.