Smok has released several versions of their popular pod systems over the years, and the SMOK Novo is no exception. From the original Novo to the Novo 4 we’ve seen a lot of changes. The Novo has always been about a simple vaping experience, but the latest addition is a step up from the original device. If you’re a beginner, this device is a no brainer, and can be used as is. But for the advanced vaper, get ready. You now have the power to adjust airflow, wattage and choose from a range of interchangeable coils. 

The Novo 4 vape is the latest and greatest in their lineage of top tier pod mods. We put the Novo 4 kit through the ringer and got to the bottom of what it’s all about. Here’s our review of the Smok Novo 4…

Inside the Novo 4 Kit 

What do you get upon opening the box? 

·The Novo 4 Device
·1 Pod
·1 0.8ohm Mesh Coil
·1 0.8ohm DC Coil
·1 USB-C charging cable
·User manual 

Construction / Appearance
The first thing you’ll notice about the Smok Novo 4 is its amazingly compact appearance and sleek form factor. The device measures in at just 93.5 mm x 17.7mm x 26.5 mm and weighs just 51.7 grams, wow! Given this sharp design, the Novo 4 can fit in any pocket, purse, glove compartment, or backpack. This vape is ready to roll, where life takes you. However, just because this pod mod is small doesn’t make it fragile. A durable texture zinc-alloy chassis offers premium durability and resilience. The texture is also smooth and ergonomic, making this vape a joy to hold and experience. 

You’ll also notice the Novo 4’s beautiful aesthetics. This vape comes in a variety of unique colorways, from blue-gray cobra to black armor to fluid 7-color and many more! You’re sure to find an option that fits your own personal style and vibe. A crystal clear 0.49 inch OLED display looks classy and displays all your important vape session stats. 

Novo 4 Wattage – Power / Operation
This vape is exceedingly easy to operate, using just a single power button to fire the pod mod up. The Novo 4 uses an integrated 800mAH battery to deliver up to 25 watts of power. You can select between 5 to 25 watts to customize your session and regulate the pace to perfection. This isn’t a crazy amount of adjustable max wattage, but it is totally sufficient and satisfying for casual on the go sessions. The battery is long-lasting but when you do need to recharge, Type-C charging makes it a breeze. The Starter Kit includes a solid 2mL pod which uses 3 silicone rings to prevent leaks and spillages. 

Vapor Production / Experience
Ok, so now for the all important question, how does Novo 4 perform? In a word, it’s awesome. Being a compact pod mod, this device is more well-suited to mouth-to-lung vaping and higher PG e-liquid. However, despite its small size, the vapor produced is flavorful and satisfying thanks to the adjustable airflow. The Novo 4 pod uses a dial to adjust the width of the air holes from fully open to fully closed. This air flow control is a great way to personalize your vaping experience. Fans of cloud-chasing might want to look elsewhere for a larger mod but for an all-rounder, the Smok Novo 4 delivers the goods! 

Smok has established themselves as a hugely popular vape manufacturer. The Novo 4 does not disappoint. It is a pod mod worthy of its brand’s legacy. If you’re been wanting to upgrade your rig to a top tier device that is incredibly easy, but also has some customization available, the Smok Novo 4 is the ticket for you!