SMOK Nord Comparison

SMOK Nord Comparison - Which is the best?
With 6 Nord pod vapes to choose from you need to know which one to pick?

We broke down each Nord's features in the chart below so that you can quickly decide which one is best for you.

As you can see there is huge variety in the Nord with range, size and wattage changing with each new version. Just like the SMOK Novo 2S the SMOK Nord Pro returns to what made the original so popular and added new technology like Type-C USB.

Which is the best Nord?
This is actually quite simple to answer. As technology has advanced the Nord pod vapes have gotten better and better.

If you want a pod vape with a good battery life, big juice capacity and huge coil options and don't mind a quite large vape kit the SMOK Nord 50W is perfect.

However if you are looking for a smaller pod vape, one that offers draw activation and the ability to vape both direct lung and mouth to lung then the SMOK Nord Pro is for you.

SMOK Nord Pods Comparison
The original Nord arrived and instantly became one of the most loved vapes on the market. It was one of the first small pod systems to provide vapers with the choice between mouth to lung vaping and direct lung.

Pods for the SMOK Nord, Nord 2 and Nord X

The original had a 3mL vape juice capacity which on release was one of the largest vape juice capacities. Since then the pods have increased upto 4.5mL on the Nord 2, X, 4 and 50W. This was done to accommodate the increase in wattage and coils with lower resistance.

Pods for the SMOK Nord 4 and SMOK Nord 50W

SMOK Nord Pro is much closer in comparison to the original and boasts a 3.3mL vape juice capacity. It also features a new child resistant pod which locks the coil safely in place. The Nord Pro Pod allows vapers to change the airflow by installing the pod a different way round.

Nord X was the first Nord Pod to feature a clear transparent window to allow you to monitor vape juice levels and more recent versions have fully transparent pods.

SMOK Nord Pro Pods have a unique coil locking feature to help child lock the coil in place.

SMOK Nord PRO's innovative coil locking mechanism

SMOK Coils For Nord Vapes
The SMOK Nord coil range lives on! SMOK Nord Pro returns to the original coil range after previous versions have used Nord, RPM and LP2 coils. Nord 50W kits came with two different pods (RPM & Nord) so that you could use either LP2, Nord or RPM coils.

SMOK Nord, RPM, RPM2 and LP2 Coils

Arguably the SMOK Nord coils have proved most popular but the LP2 and RPM coils have many fans too. The versatility of each coil range is one of the reasons the Nord series has been so popular.

SMOK Nord Battery Comparison
While battery capacity isn't one the sexier features of a vape it's one that can make a huge difference to the vaping experience. As wattage increased through the range the batteries had to increase too. This led to a general increase in size that some vapers didn't like. One of the original things that made the original so popular was it's compact size. Nord 4 for example had a 2000mAh battery due to it's massive 80W power.

SMOK Nord Pro returns to the 1100mAh battery of the original but now features Type-C USB for faster charging. It also doesn't have a power hungry screen to drain the battery.

SMOK Nord Screens
There was no screen on the original but an OLED screen made it onto the side of the Nord 2 and stayed there until the Nord Pro. It really comes down to personal preference when choosing which Novo is best for you. Nord 50W kit is very much for vapers who want a lot more control over their vaping experience. SMOK Nord Pro provides a much simpler operation, auto draw, auto coil recognition etc so there is no need for a screen. This also makes it cheaper and more accessible for a wider range of vapers.

Hopefully if you've read this far we've given you a good guide to the Nord range. Always make sure to check out the product pages for a better breakdown of what each product offers.