Smok GX2/4 Review: A First Look at This Box Mod

The GX2/4 is a box mod made by Smok that is powered by twin 18650 replaceable batteries that power the mod up to 220 watts. Four additional batteries can be added by adding a quad expansion pack. Doing this improves battery life and increases the battery range substantially.
The starter kit comes with the Smok TFV8 Big Baby Beast Tank, which can hold 5 ml of e-liquid. The tank comes with two coils with resistances of 0.4 and 0.15-ohms.

Smok GX2/4 - General Overview
The GX2/4 is a mod made by Smok that has a lot of versatility thanks to its two to four battery design. When in quad mode (four batteries), the vape has a lot of battery life. Also, with the extra batteries, the user can shoot the mod up to 350 watts, which is a feature a lot of people like about this mod. The amount of vapor that comes from chucking the setting over 300 watts is impressive. After one drag, whoever is vaping with it will be able to fill an entire room with nicotine clouds.

Vaping at such high wattages is not for everyone, though. When using this mod in such high settings, the vape gets hot, and so does the vapor. But, it is nice to have the option to go so high on the wattage. The sweet spot for this vape is between 170 and 180 watts. At this wattage level, the vapor production is still high, as is the flavor. Plus, it is the perfect setting for maintaining the life of the batteries.
As an added bonus, this vape kit comes with the TFV8 Big Baby Beast tank, which holds 5 ml of e-juice. This capacity is suitable for this mod, considering how high the vaper can go on the wattage settings. When someone goes that high, he or she needs all the e-juice they can get because it will burn through the juice quickly at such temperatures.

What is Inside the Starter Kit?

The starter kit comes with several valuable items, with the exception of the 18650s. The mod is inside the starter kit, and beneath it is the quad battery cover. Besides those items, there is also the Big Baby Beast tank, but it does not come with an RBA core or a replacement glass. Also included in the kit are accessories like o-rings and an extra juice inlet, as well as two coils, an instruction manual, a warranty card, and a battery safety warning. It is possible to get the device mod only on Amazon.

Internal Build Quality and Design
The outside of the mod looks great. It has a powder coating paint job instead of an anodized finish, and it comes in gold, silver, purple, and several other colors. Also, there is no rattling from the firing bar or any other part in the vape. This is offset by the fact that the firing button is not very springy or clicky. But, once pressed, it lights up the mod and tank. Clicky firing buttons are just a personal preference.

The battery door is another bright spot. It is held in place by a button release found on the underside of the mod. It clicks in place firmly and keeps the 18650s firmly in place. The quad battery build is bulky, however, and it makes the mod uncomfortable to hold. Also, the battery door is not flush with the rest of the mod when the quad build is used.
The mod does have a cool paint job, but it tends to scratch and chip. The screen is not invulnerable to scratches either. The best thing to do to keep the device looking nice is to buy a protective case.

Battery Performance
The life of the 18650s is excellent in dual and quad modes. If it is used in dual mode, the battery life is good for half a day to a full day’s worth of vaping. But, switching to dual-mode gets one to two days usage out of it. Our testers managed to get a day and a half to two days out of it in dual 18650 mode vaping at a range of 50 to 60 watts.

The TFV8 Big Baby Tank
This is a good tank on any mod, but it is well suited for the GX2/4. It holds 5 ml of e-juice, measures 24.5 mm in diameter, and it has a secure swivel and locks top fill system.

It also has excellent airflow from dual slots measuring 16 x 2 mm. Constructed from stainless steel, the Big Baby Tank can be depended on to be durable and long-lasting. Most importantly, however, the tank produces high-quality vapor and flavor, especially when paired with Q2 coils.

How to Use the Menu Functions

The menu is similar to other Smok products, being identical in appearance and identical in function. Click five times to turn it on, and five clicks will lock it. Pressing the up and down buttons also locks the device. Turn the device off using the power submenu or by holding the firing button down for five seconds.
Three clicks open the menu, allowing the user to go into variable wattage or temperature control. The wattage setting allows the user to choose between soft, normal, and hard. In temperature control mode, the user can dial in the wattage and choose the wire type (Ni, Ti, and SS316L).

The temperature coefficient can be changed depending on the metal of the coils, the user can adjust the puff settings, and there is a reset function. The vaper can also adjust the ohm resistance manually and change the screen contrast.
Look at the OLED screen to check on the vape’s vital signs, including wattage and life of the 18650s. Wattage levels are adjusted in .1 increments when it is between 6-100 watts. Over 100 watts, it increases in one-watt increments. By going into C mode, the user can switch between Fahrenheit and celsius.

How to Best Use the Smok GX2/4
This is a very convenient mod that can serve the user well for a long time. But, the peculiarities of the design require that vapers keep several things in mind before using it. The best thing to do, safety-wise, is to choose four 18650s that are used together when it is in quad mode. That way, they are charged and drained in the same manner as long as they are in use.

Using the batteries this way will result in a more even discharge and no unexpected low power warnings. It will also result in lower chances of an atomizer short, screen not working, the device not turning on, and other such problems.

Updating the Firmware
As of now, there are no firmware updates available for this mod. But, this gives us the opportunity to point out an important detail of which potential buyers need to take note. Do not put a cable into the USB port, expecting to charge the batteries. It will not work. The USB port is for updating the firmware.

The Competition

Smok GX2/4 vs. Smok GX350
Both devices are designed to work with two and four batteries, and they mostly have the same specifications, but there are several key differences. First off, the GX2/4 has two battery covers that work in dual and quad 18650 modes.

The Smok GX350 uses a single battery door. A second significant difference between these two mods is the OLED display screen. The screen on the GX350 is much smaller than that of the GX/2/4.

Closing Thoughts on Smok GX2/4
It was a very creative idea to add the quad pack to a Smok GX2/4. It guarantees more vaping time, making this mod is an excellent choice for vapers who plan to be away from a charger for an extended period. This is also a great starter kit because it comes with the Baby Beast Tank. The flavor and vapor are always acceptable from this tank.
There is one downside to using this vape, though. When the quad pack is installed, it becomes cumbersome and difficult to handle. Vapes are supposed to be ergonomic. This device feels like a stone you use to club someone over the head.
We really want to know what our readers think about the quad pack. Does it make the device unwieldy? Please leave a comment letting us know what you think.

Smok GX2/4 Box Mod Specifications

·Comes with the Big Baby Beast Tank
·Incredible battery life with the quad pack
·Easy to navigate menu
·A bright and large OLED screen
·Excellent cloud production on high wattages

·Not very ergonomic when the quad pack is installed
·The battery door is not flush with the rest of the mod when the quad pack is used
·No way to do onboard charging