Signs that Your E Liquid is Safe to Vape

The vaping community is very large and people often come up with different questions One of them is that the vape juice they are using, how long it can last for? Additionally, if you find an e-juice at some place lying for several months. This guide will help you know the signs which are safe to vape.

Difference between stale and expired e-juice
Whether the e-juice you buy from the vape shop has a higher amount of VG or PG it is important to keep in mind the maximum shelf life is around 2 years. It means the vape juice you buy from the vape store is durable.
However, before the vape expires the flavor can become stale. This means that the VG has suspended flavors or they might be unmixed. The stale liquid can be vape safely but as compared to fresh juice it will be harsh. So, there is no surprise that the flavor can go off in different ways.
3 to 6 months or 1 to 2 years
When you get a new bottle of e-juice, it is sure that it can last for 3 months in the indoor environment. Also, keep in mind that every flavor and brand is different from others. In some cases, the e-juice bottle can last for 5 years while some of them can lose their flavor within months.

How to know the vape is still good?
Look at the expiration date
You found an old bottle but how you can be sure that it is safe to take a puff? The ideal way is to look at the expiration date on the bottle. The bottles which are sold commercially will have an expiration date which tells that about its consumption quality. If you still vape it and the flavor is deteriorated then you won’t enjoy the vaping session.
Nicotine and Air exposure
If you are vaping nicotine e-juice then you need to be more concerned about the liquid quality. It responds to air due to which flavor quality and potency can be reduced. This is not the only vape that responds to the air poorly. In every case, the vape bottles must be sealed properly so that their shelf life is increased.
Checking the color
Current thickness Vs Original Thickness
With time the e-juice thickness can increase. PG is less thick as compared to VG. Even if the e-juice is the thickest it will look like oil. But, if it is high as compared to when you bought it then it means the e-juice is aging and it won’t give you the best vaping session. So, it is a great way to determine its quality and also determine the right temperature you need for the battery.