RTA vs Sub-Ohm Tanks

There are many types of tanks and RTA tanks or rebuildable tank atomizers are getting very popular in the vaping world. Many pro-vapers prefer RTA tanks as they considered them superior to standard sub-ohm ones.

RTA Tanks
Rebuildable tank atomizers have a deck section where you can install your own coils and wicks. In this deck section, you can install the coil wire you want and customize your wicks like, for instance, with premium cotton. In other words, RTA allows you to customize your vaping experience. In addition, although you need to employ more time in building your own coils, you don’t need to purchase new standard coils in your nearest vape shop. You just need wire (Kanthal, nichrome, titanium, stainless-steel) and cotton.

Sub-Ohm Tanks
These tanks use pre-built coil heads. These coils need to be replaced usually after one to three weeks of use, depending on your vaping habits. When you experience dry hits or a burnt flavor then it’s time to change your coil for a new one.

RTA Tanks or Sub-Ohm: Why are RTA so Popular?

With standard sub-ohm tanks, you will need to purchase coil heads every two or three weeks. On the hand, RTA last longer (sometimes up to two months) and you will just need to change the wicks (usually cotton) after a couple of weeks.

More Effective Vaporization
RTA can vaporize more vape juice on a lower wattage than standard sub-ohm tanks. In short, you will use less battery and you will get more flavor and vapor.

RTA are better at cloud production because they have better airflow than standard sub-ohm atomizers. Moreover, a better airflow means bigger and denser clouds.

RTAs are known for superb flavor production. This is because it vaporizes more e-liquid, and the chimney section has a better design to guide the vapor to your mouth.

There are many different types of coils. It’s not just about the coil material but the coil options. For example, you can build coil wires that are single coils, dual coils, triple coils, Clapton coils etc.

RTA Atomizers: Conclusion
RTA tanks are an excellent choice for pro-vapers. You can build your own coils and enjoy vaping a tank that is cost-effective and very effective. In addition, if you don’t want to tinker with coils, you can also buy pre-made coils for your RTA.

RTA last longer (approx. 2 months) and you just need to replace the wicks every two or three weeks.