Review: The Smok Morph S Pod-80 Kit

There are currently two versions of this kit, the Morph S which uses a single 18650 battery and the Morph with an internal 3000mAh battery.

In my opinion I will always go for an external battery device as I can rest assured that I will have a spare one with me at all times. Don’t get me wrong I do love built in batteries but my personal preference is an external one.

So let's go down and see what we have.

What's in the box?

1 X MORPH POD-80 Device

1 X MORPH POD-80 LP2 Pod (LP2 Meshed 0.23 DL Coil Preinstalled) 

1 X LP2 Meshed 0.4 Coil

1 X Type-C Cable

1 X User Manual

WARNING:- The sample kit I received has a 5ml non TPD tank, so this kit is only available as per 2ml TPD regulations.

Like most of Smok’s new devices they mix that hard wearing alloy material with some cushioning leather with that immaculate stitching. Of course it wouldn’t be a Smok device without their name all over the leather. It’s a nice ergonomic build that fits in the palm of your hand. Equipped with the extra large rubber/grippy fire button, it's perfect for all hand shapes and sizes. And with that 0.001s firing speed you just know it's right for you.

The 0.91inch OLED display is crystal clear and gives you all the info you need Wattage, Coil Resistance, Puff Counter and battery life.

The tank itself is relatively easy in some respects as you pop out the rubber bung and fill with shortfill e-liquid. Best to leave for about 5 minutes so your coils are nice and primed. 

To adjust the airflow it's fairly easy just slide it to the left or right. I personally find this a lot easier as I have big hands so thanks to Smok for putting the little bobble thing on the airflow adjustment, or what I like to call ‘the bobble-flow’.

The kit itself can power up to 80W which seems to be a normal power output these days, even though the coils can only theoretically handle 50-60W (recommendations from Smok) I personally find that 40-50W is perfect for these LP2 coils. What took me by surprise was how long they lasted at 45W. I think my first coil lasted about 600puffs or so before you could slightly notice a drop in flavour and performance. Bare in mind I was using a very sweet vape juice so as we all know that certain flavour profiles can affect coils differently. But that’s another story. I manage to get about a good 10 hours out of the battery which is also a plus as most pod kits I have used in the past will only see you through 5-6 hours (depending on usage of course).


Now we come to the Menu:

5 Clicks in 2 seconds to get onto your main menu. 

Now use the fire button to cycle through the setting interfaces 

Puff Counter:- Press the fire key and down button simultaneously to clear the number of puffs

Flip Screen:- Press the fire to switch the flip screen function, use the up and down buttons to change the screen orientation and hold down the fire button to confirm

Brightness Setting:- Press the fire button to get to the screen brightness function, then use the up and down to change the brightness (20%-100%)

And lastly the power off function again uses the fire button to go to the power off function and use the down button to where it says YES and then a long press of the fire button to turn it off.

Final Thoughts???
Well for a pod kit it's very simple to use with an amazing battery and coil life. The flavour and clouds are on point and do not disappoint. Great job Smok.