Review | The Single 18650 Hypercar Mod From Uwell

Single 18650 mods are becoming harder and harder to come by. They lack the power and battery life of larger mods – items that are normally on every vaper’s ‘checklist’ when shopping for a new device. But, every once in a while, a smaller vape comes along worthy of mention. Today, we take a look at the Hypercar Mod from Uwell.

Personally, the only single battery devices I’ve used in the past have been unregulated tube mechs. They always delivered a good vape, but definitely came with their fair share of obvious downsides.

Single 18650 regulated devices sound really good in theory; they’re perfect for single coil builds, and have a small form factor making them the ideal choice for vaping on the go. But their inability to fire most dual coil builds normally ends up eliminating them from the shopping cart all-together.

The Hypercar from Uwell is a single 18650 temperature control device. Its max output of 80w makes it compatible with the majority of the sub-ohm tanks on the market, increasing its value. But, is it good enough to keep in your daily rotation?

·Dimensions: 85.7mm by 44.2mm by 25.7mm
·Weight: 205.5g
·Wattage output: 5-80w
·Voltage output: 0.4-8.0v
·Resistance range: 0.1-3.0ohms
·Temp range: 200deg F – 600deg F
·Bypass Mode
·Power mode
·TC Mode
·Zinc-alloy construction
·Ergonomic grip
·Magnetic battery cover
·Dedicated on/off switch
·Silicone firing button
·Split adjustment button
·Low power alert
·Reverse polarity protection
·Overcharge protection
·Micro-USB charging
·Centered 510 connection

·Form factor
·Available in a ton of cool colors
·Brightly lit display screen
·Extra-large firing button
·Textured firing button
·Dedicated on/off switch
·Strong battery door magnets
·Fits large diameter tanks and rda’s
·Flush topper fitment
·Centered, spring loaded 510
·Attention to detail (laser etching?) on the 510
·Battery percentage and level output
·Side battery venting
·Heavy, solid construction
·Battery longevity

My favorite feature of the Hypercar mod would have to be the firing button. It’s large, and molded from silicon to offer a bit of texture – this makes finding and firing the mod that much easier, and increases the comfort level a lot more than I thought it would.

The design team at Uwell definitely took the necessary time when designing this mod. Everything from the etching on the centered 510 plate, to large venting slots and beefy magnets on the battery door made the Hypercar mod a real pleasure to use. The dead man style on/off switch on the bottom of the unit was really convenient when vaping throughout the day.

It was really refreshing using a mod made from a primary material other than plastic. The zinc-alloy construction provides the perfect amount of weight, and helps reduce the chance of a tip over. The vape is still light enough to carry in your pocket or purse, even with an extra battery or two.

·Fire button is a bit soft
·May be uncomfortable to use for anyone with large hands
·Battery door was a somewhat hard to remove at times
·Build type restricted
·Battery wraps will rip if you’re not careful

As it turns out, one of my favorite aspects of the Hypercar mod also made it on the negative list. The large textured firing button is super responsive, and quite nice to use for long periods of time – but it also has a mushy kind of feel, that some vapers are definitely not going to like.

The magnets on the battery door are more than efficient, and may even be a bit too strong. Often times, I struggled to remove the door without feeling like I was going to split the device in two pieces.

I used three different brand 18650’s while reviewing the Hypercar, and found the fitment to be just a touch too tight. It shouldn’t cause any long-term issues, but you’ll want to pay extra attention when installing/removing your cells.

Wrapping Things Up:
The Hypercar mod has a listed retail of $80, and you can pick one up today for about half that. Even at 80 bucks, this single 18650 device is worth it. It’s packed with a ton of really nice features, and will support your temperature controlled builds (if that’s something you’re into…). It can fire any build 0.1ohm and above, but will still work best for your single coilart setups.

I was able to vape on a single framed build (.26ohm’s) at 45-60 watts, for a week plus. Now, obviously, that number is going to vary a lot based on your own personal habits, but for me it was more than sufficient.

Where other single 18650 devices fall short, the Uwell Hypercar mod comes through in a big way. If you’ve been in the market for a sleek little device, perfect for work or a daily carry, this one is definitely worth checking out!