Review: Rhea 200W – Aspire

The world of decent dual battery boxes has been dismal over the last few months, with hardly any decent products coming out. Aspire is looking to change all that with its Rhea 200W, a box with such a great design and so many great qualities you’ll be astounded.

A box that’s beautiful and practical
The Rhea by Aspire combines some great features in just one box. With its sober design, long battery life from the dual battery and a great chipset, it’s bound to please a lot of people.

Technical specs

What’s in the box?

·USB cable
·User guide

A beautiful, sturdy box

First and foremost, the Rhea features a large upper plate with a central 510 pin that will comfortably seat atomizers up to 33 mm in size – in other words almost any RTA or any other dripper.

The front of the box has a prominent 0.96-inch TFT colour screen, a large fire button and three control buttons. A USB-C port rounds off this particularly well-designed, harmonious façade. The buttons are robust and fit snugly into their housing. You can adjust the screen brightness too, and it’s bright enough to see even in direct sunlight.

The rest of the box is made of a gorgeous combination of zinc and the Alcantara, which looks amazing on the battery compartment cover. It’s feels great to hold and we love its rounded shape.

The rubber coating on the underside and the top of the box really completes the look and gives the box added protection around the battery cap and the 510 pin.
Battery covers are often a bit flimsy and a weak spot in boxes. But Aspire has clearly made a big effort here.

On the Rhea 200W it’s brilliant – it’s very strong. The catch is solid and backed up by the shock-absorbers. The design here is just perfect. The battery compartment holds two 18650 batteries, and the polarities are marked on the cover and the bottom of the compartment. It’s impossible to get it wrong, but even if you do the Rhea 200 is protected against reverse polarity.

The Rhea is a gorgeous box, and combines the best qualities of Aspire’s products with a polished look and an appealing durability.

An efficient, simple box

But the Rhea isn’t just beautiful. Aspire has used the ASP chipset for its box and rightly so. The set is hugely practical and effective. The colour screen works perfectly with the set, and it is bright enough to use, whatever the ambient light level.

This box is also extremely simple to use. Five quick clicks on the fire button start it, a long hold on the button under the screen opens the menu, and the + and – buttons let you scroll through the menus, and increase or decrease the power. Everything works really smoothly and it’s so easy to use.

The power range on this box goes from 1 to 200 W, which is standard for this type of dual 18650 battery vape. The chipset has power, volt and bypass modes, as well as the usual temperature control which you can vary from 100 to 315°C. That’s a pretty wide range of options, so in our view the Rhea 200 Mod really does have it all.

The menu also lets you change the screen brightness and the main colour. Users can choose between five colours: blue, green, purple, red and orange. Personalization like that isn’t essential but it’s a nice touch.


What we like
·Impeccable design
·High-quality materials
·A simple, practical chipset
·Extra durable thanks to the shock absorbers
·A huge plate

What we don’t like