Review of the Vaporesso Luxe PM40

The Vaporesso Luxe PM40 was sent to me for review from Vaporesso. I believe this is Vaporesso’s direct competition to the Smok Nord 2. It’s very, very similar, at least as far as design goes. It’s a great looking device.

·5-40 watts adjustable
·4ml liquid capacity (or 2ml TPD)
·1800mAh battery
·0.69″ OLED screen
·Adjustable airflow
·Replaceable coils
·USB-C Charging
·Size: 96.45mm tall, 30.6mm wide, and 21.5mm thick
·$42.90 from Vaporesso

In the Box
·Luxe PM40
·Two 4ml pods
·Two coils: GTX-2 0.6 Ohm and GTX-2 0.8 Ohm
·USB-C cable


The Luxe PM40 looks great. Just like the Smok Nord, it’s a tall and fairly thin pod device. You have two designer panels, one side that has the firing button and the other side that has an adjustable airflow switch. And on the side is an LED screen that shows your coil rating, puff timer, wattage setting, and the battery charge.

The designer panels on both side are the same and I’m glad to see that they match. The panels look great too. There is a black color with holographic grid pattern,  a silver color with a holographic grid, a dark black color, a black and red lava design, and a jade design, which looks like one of those sliced agate stones.

The device is 3.8 inches tall, 1.2 inches wide, and 0.8 inches thick. Compared to the SMOK Nord 2, it’s nearly the same in size.

Turbo Boosting Tech
The Luxe PM40 has what Vaporesso calls Turbo Boosting Tech. This feature is built into Vaporesso’s always-great AXON chip. So what this does is that it boosts the output of your wattage so that the battery level remains constant during your hit. Vaporesso demonstrates this on their site with a short video showing how a lot of pod devices run in bypass mode, which basically gives you as much wattage as the battery has charge. That means you get a strong hit at first but then the wattage drops during the duration of your hit.  But with this Turbo Boosting feature, the wattage will run constant the whole time.


Five clicks of the firing button turns the Luxe PM40 on and off.

You can adjust the wattage anywhere from 5 watts to 40 watts. To change the wattage, you press the firing button three times fast. Then you can click the firing button to go in 1-watt increments or you can hold the button down to change the wattage fast. Then hold the button down or let it time-out to start vaping again.

The Pod
The pod clicks right into the device and holds strong. The mouthpiece has a curved duck-bill shaped tip and it’s comfortable to use.

The pod has a top-fill port, which makes filling the pod super-easy to do. You won’t have to deal with pulling the pod out to fill it. To fill the pod, you pull the mouthpiece off, push the tip of the bottle into the valve, and push the liquid in.
The pod is nice and clear too so that you can see right through it. When the pod is in the device, there’s enough of the clear pod visible so that you can check the liquid levels.

The coils simply drop right into the bottom of the pod and are press fit. They sit nice and snug.

The coils and pods have several o-rings and seals which Vaporesso calls a quad protection leak-proof system. This is basically three o-rings on the coil, which is typical of any coilhead, but also a liquid self-circulation system built into the pod. The way this works is that the airflow comes in through these channels in the bottom of the pod and lead up to the airflow intake holes on the coil, which are separated between both seals on the coil. The leak-proof feature seems to work. I haven’t had any leaking at all.

Replaceable coils

The pods use Vaporesso’s replaceable GTX coil heads, which are built with antibacterial flax cotton and non-woven fabric. I don’t know the benefits of those things but the coils work great, just like Vaporesso’s coils always do.

In the box you get two different coils:

GTX 0.8 Ohm Mesh Coil
This coil is designed to run between 12-20 watts. At 12 watts, the flavor is good and the vapor is cold. At 20 watts the vapor is still a little cool but it’s warmer and the flavor gets better. Overall the flavor is pretty good.

GTX 0.6 Ohm Mesh Coil
This coil is designed to run between 20-30 watts. This one runs much warmer than the 0.8 Ohm coil and the flavor seems just as good.

Adjustable Airflow

All pod devices these days should have adjustable airflow so it’s good that the Luxe PM40 does too. You can move the airflow switch left or right to open or close the airflow and there are two air-intake slots.

Vaporesso says that this airflow has a crawler-tread design. I’m not familiar with tractors, but from what I understand, a crawler tractor has a single continuous track, sort of like the track on a tank.

I honestly really don’t understand what this means for this device or how it benefits the airflow. All I know is that the adjustable airflow works well. When the airflow is wide open you get a pretty good slightly restricted lung hit. When it’s closed all the way down, it’s just on the verge of being a tight draw but not close enough. So that’s a bummer. Closed down, it’s a very restricted lung hit but you can do a sort of short MTL draw. I wouldn’t say it’s a satisfying MTL hit though.


The battery inside of the Luxe PM40 is an 1800mAh battery. For a device like this, that’s a pretty big battery. Compared to the Nord 2, for example, that’s 300mAh more. The Smok Nord 2 has a nice big battery and this one is even bigger. You’re gonna get some good life out of this.

The Luxe PM40 charges with a USB-C cable at 2 amp charging. This will fully charge in about 60 minutes.

Final Thoughts

The device works great, I love the adjustable wattage, the design is awesome, and it’s nice and comfortable to hold. The coils also work well and have great flavor. I like that it has adjustable airflow too but I would have liked for the device to have more airflow when it’s wide open and a more restricted airflow when it’s closed down.

The Luxe PM40 was sent to me for review from Vaporesso and you can get one from them for $42.90.