Review: Nexi One – Aspire

The Nexi One from Aspire is the pod of the moment for smokers wanting to transition to vaping. It’s a tiny, ultra-compact pod system, stripped back to the essentials but impressively effective.

A micropod to get started

The Nexi One looks like a cigarette. Less than 9 cm high and weighing in at just 13 g, this tiny pod can be slipped into a pocket or bag without any problem. This small format includes a 60 mAh battery and a cartridge with an e-liquid capacity of 1.2 ml. The battery life may appear low, but that’s before you take into account the power bank that comes with the Nexi One.

Technical specs

What’s in the box?
·User guide

Cigalike or not?

The Nexi One is a particularly well-made device that looks just like a cigarette. Even the slightly ribbed texture of the cigarette paper is reproduced on the battery body. This shape has been deliberately chosen to avoid upsetting smokers’ habits. The way it handles is almost the same, even though the Nexi One is slightly heavier than a cigarette. So, is this an innovative 2024 version of a cigalike? The Nexi One is, above all, an interesting development from the first cigalikes. It’s goodbye to those early models that had no taste and only worked when the user was (very) lucky. This takes things to a whole new level: there’s no lag when you inhale, it offers a real mouth-to-lung draw without any leaks and no e-liquid spraying into your mouth.

The 60 mAh Nexi One pod is charged using the 400 mAh of the power bank. You just need to slide the device into the slot on the holder, where it charges automatically by magnetism. It’s very compact, and only takes a few minutes to fully charge your pod. The additional 400 mAh mean you quickly forget that the battery is only 60 mAh.

A small LED under the base of the power bank displays the charging status. Vapour is produced by simply inhaling, no adjustments needed. A small light at the end lights up when the Nexi One is used. The cartridge containing the liquid screws onto the base of the battery in just a few seconds. The additional battery is charged via a USB-C port.

The Nexi One targets smokers. There are twelve flavours based around the classics to enable them to switch easily to vaping and quit smoking. The way it handles, its shape that allows you to hold it between two fingers, and the nicotine levels offered (12 and 20 mg/ml) are yet more arguments offering first-time vapers uncomplicated, stress-free support.

Given Aspire’s expertise in terms of flavour delivery, the Nexi One promises to be a future success. The 1.6 ohm coil accurately delivers the flavours of each cartridge. The classic flavours dominate, although some of them have fruity or gourmet notes as well. There is a powerful throat hit, and vapour production is consistent with the coil. Two nicotine levels are available (12 and 20 mg/ml) aimed at smokers who need a high level of nicotine to tear them away from burning tobacco.

An excellent product for first-time vapers looking for a simple, on-point e-cigarette that does the job.


What we like
·Small size
·Powerful hit
·Choice of flavours
·Effective MTL vape
·Ease of use

What we don’t like
·Disposable cartridge


The Nexi One kit is an excellent product. There are no settings to worry about. All you need to do is screw your e-liquid cartridge onto the battery body. The quality and choice of flavours, the fine draw, and the throat hit are very good and correspond perfectly to the needs of tobacco smokers. An ideal e-cigarette to quit smoked tobacco.