Review: Luxe X Pro – Vaporesso

After the Luxe X, XR and XR Max, Vaporesso is extending its collection with the Luxe X Pro. The design of the 1500 mAh pod has been updated but is compatible with the cartridges of the previous models. As simple and reliable as ever, it is designed for direct inhalation.

A few changes

The identity of the Luxe pod is still there. The Luxe X Pro feels very sturdy with a bit of weight to it, and the quality of its materials inspires confidence. The look is less transparent than its predecessors, and the device enables vaping up to 40 W with a 0.4 ohm coil. It has a capacity of 5 of 5 ml, which is always welcome.

Technical specs

What’s in the box?
·USB cable
·User guide

Latest version of the Luxe

The Luxe X Pro boasts all the advantages of the previous models. It still has the built-in 1500 mAh battery, which is charged by a USB-C port under the pod. It is sufficient to vape for long periods with the 0.6 ohm cartridge. This battery life is reduced with the 0.4 ohm cartridge, but that doesn’t mean it drops off a cliff.

On the front is the fire button to produce vapour. The user can vape either by pressing the button or simply inhaling. In our tests, auto-draw worked particularly well, without any latency and with no irregularity during inhalation.

As well as the screen, there are two settings buttons for the few functions available and the power. Everything fits well without the slightest movement. There are no lights on either the buttons or the body of the pod. This model is more discrete, but its performances won’t disappoint.

On the side of the Luxe X Pro is a slider. This is used to adjust the amount of air coming in to cool the coil in the cartridge and the draw and allows quite fine tuning. The button is firm and won’t move by itself. Vaporesso has retained the battery life of the first models and added the airflow adjustment of the latest Luxe XR Max.

When fully open, the pod gives an airy vape in direct inhalation mode. The amount of vapour produced is quite surprising with such a small device.

The screen is bright enough to make the information easy to read. As we said, the Luxe X Pro doesn’t have flashing LEDs to display the battery level. That’s not necessary since the battery level is shown on the screen. We think this is more accurate than a colour code indicating a percentage range.

A quality vaping experience

As with most pods, the cartridge fits above the battery. It is held in place by four magnets which are strong enough to prevent any noticeable movement.

The device has a bottom-fill tank with a flexible silicone tab that you lift to fill it. The comfortable capacity of 5 ml is welcome, especially on a pod this size. We didn’t notice any seepage or leaks at all.

Two cartridges are supplied in the box. The first one is 0.6 ohm for use between 20 and 26 W, and the other is 0.4 ohm for a power of 26 to 32 W. The Luxe X Pro automatically adjusts the recommended power for better flavour rendering. These values can be adjusted manually to suit individual preference.

The coils are sealed in the cartridge. When it shows signs of failing, the whole thing needs to be changed.

The Luxe X Pro is compatible with all the cartridge models in the Luxe series, both disposable and with removable coils, and with values ranging from 0.15 to 1.2 ohm. The Luxe X Pro can cover most vapers’ needs.

The Luxe X Pro offers a very pleasant vaping experience and generates big, dense clouds. The flavours are there thanks to the COREX technology.


What we like
·The upgraded model
·Quality of flavour
·Cartridge compatibility

 What we don’t like
·Disposable cartridge


The Luxe X Pro is a good pod. Its comfortable capacity of 5 ml means you don’t have to fill up too often, and its 1500 Ah battery life promises long vaping sessions. It’s a well-designed improvement on the previous models that makes sense. We just wish it didn’t use disposable cartridges.