Review: Luxe Q2 – Vaporesso

Vaporesso’s Luxe pod range is going from strength to strength. The Luxe Q2 and Luxe Q2 SE are its latest additions. The Q2 is stylish and - rather generously - comes with two sealed cartridges. It’s easy to use, efficient and totally reliable for everyday vaping.

Always a practical choice

There are no buttons, just a slider that lets you set the airflow and change how it draws. Vaporesso hasn’t loaded the Luxe Q2 with complicated functionality, but it still delivers an effective vape and allows two different draw types.

Technical specs

What’s in the box?
·USB cable
·User guide

One pod, two cartridges

On the underside of the pod there’s a USB-C port for fast charging of the 1000 mAh battery. It only takes 30 minutes to fully charge the Luxe Q2. The battery life is as you’d expect for this size of vape and the 1 ohm cartridge it comes with. We will come back to that later.

The model we tested was covered in well-made, quite thick faux leather. Its various assemblies and seals were simply flawless. The mix of metal and leather adds a high-end touch to the Luxe Q2 range. A small slider on one side of the pod lets you decide how much air reaches the coil. That means you can change how it feels when you inhale, and set it to work best with the coil you’re using.

The model name is displayed just above a rectangular tinted plastic panel that conceals an LED. This lights up when you inhale and during charging. There’s no need to worry about the battery level of your vape, as the colour of the LED shows the remaining battery power.

The Luxe Q2 comes with two cartridges. One has a 0.6 ohm coil in it. You can use it for MTL, but you’ll need to use the slider to really reduce the air intake. When the slider’s completely open, you can get a very restricted DTL vape that will let you make small clouds.

The second cartridge is 1 ohm. Both cartridges feature mesh coils. This one is designed more to give a tight draw (MTL) and uses very little e-liquid.  Whether you want a more responsive or a more restricted vape, both cartridges deliver exactly what they promise. They reproduce flavours well and make great vapour. The 3 ml capacity is even more comfortable with the 1 ohm cartridge, and rarely needs topping up.

The 0.6 ohm cartridge is a bit greedier with the power, so you’ll need to recharge your pod more often.

Filling the 3 ml cartridge is a breeze. You just lift the silicone cover and insert the tip of the e-liquid bottle. We’d recommend using fine tips for ease and to reduce the chance of clogging.


What we like
·Automatic pod
·Level of finish
·Vape quality
·Two cartridges in the box

 What we don’t like
·Disposable cartridge


The Luxe Q2 is in keeping with the other products in this range. Simple and well-finished, it will give you a really great vape. The two cartridges provided let you vary your vaping experience, without being too different from one other. We just wish it didn’t use disposable cartridges.