Review: Gen 80 S kit – Vaporesso

With the Gen 80S kit, Vaporesso brings out a single battery version of the very good Gen 200 kit. The manufacturer is banking on its new single 18650 battery box with the AXON chipset, still equipped with the iTank clearomizer. Lightness and huge clouds on the horizon!

A lightweight kit with poor battery life
The Gen 80S is lightweight. It weighs 166 grams including the battery. It is very well designed and its plastic coating is very pleasant to the touch. However, by choosing to power the box with a 18650 battery, the kit sorely lacks battery life. Set to 70W, we just managed to vape two tanks-worth of liquid, 16ml, before we had to recharge the battery.  

Technical specs

What’s in the box?

·Spare tank
·Spare parts
·USB cable
·User guide

A well-made box

The Gen80 S box surprises you when you first pick it up both by its incredible light weight and by its feel. Its multi-layer plastic coating breathes quality. This slender, no-frills box is very comfortable to use. The spring-mounted 510 connector can be fitted with atomizers up to 25mm in diameter. It slightly overhangs the deck to avoid scratching it.

The fire button at the top on the front falls naturally under your thumb. It makes a dull click, a sign of quality. Made of metal matching the colour of the box, it looks great and blends seamlessly into the whole. At the bottom of the screen, the three adjustment buttons also make a sharp click. The front ends in a USB-C port enabling the battery to be charged with a maximum current of 2A.

The battery door on the back of the box is firmly attached to the body by two large magnets. There is no lateral play. There is a little slot to facilitate removal.

The polarities are indicated on the battery compartment. The spring-mounted positive contact is positioned at the bottom. The negative contact is fixed. Due to its shape and the very stiff spring, fitting and removing the battery is not easy. If you aren’t careful, the battery wrap can get damaged, which is rather a shame. The lack of vent holes is also regrettable. 

When the box is switched on by pressing the fire button five times, the display on the 0.96″ TFT screen is impressive. It is very bright and you can see all the important information at a glance: the power setting, a bar showing the battery life, the coil value and a puff counter.

Navigating in the menus is simple and intuitive. The AXON chipset, which has already proved its worth, offers four vaping modes: variable power, variable voltage, pulse mode and bypass. This wide range will satisfy most vapers. It is also possible to lock the power adjustment by pressing the fire button three times.

Huge clouds

Vaporesso has obviously used the iTank again in this kit. It is designed for direct to lung, a role it fulfils perfectly. We won’t go over the details of this clearomizer again, as it was fully tested in the Target 200 kit.

To supplement the kit, Vaporesso provides two mesh type coils: the GTi 0.2ohm with a usage range of 60 to 75W, and the GTi 0.4ohm, which can be used between 50 and 60W.

The Gen 80S kit is pleasant to use. The iTank clearomizer gives it excellent flavours and a powerful vape. The box is light, well-finished and very easy to use on a daily basis.

In summary

What we like
·Good quality production
·Comprehensive menus
·Clear, legible display
·Efficiency of the clearomizer

What we don’t like
·Difficult to remove the battery
·No vent holes
·Poor battery life at high pow