Review: Flexus Peak – Aspire

Aspire is expanding its Flexus range with a new pod version, the Flexus Peak, which operates with interchangeable AF coils. The Flexus pod range has earned itself a leading place among its competitors thanks to its impeccable build quality and simple but uncompromising operation offering the usual level of performance that we expect from the Chinese manufacturer.

Simple and well designed

With its sleek, modern look, the Flexus Peak is, on the whole, quite a classic pod at first sight in the current landscape. However, looks can be deceiving!

Weighing in at only 45 g thanks to the use of imitation aluminium polycarbonate, the sturdy, lightweight materials give a high quality, robust feel in the hand which is confirmed when you use it.

Technical specs

What’s in the box?
·USB cable
·User guide

There are pods and pods…

A fillable pod with a magnetic cartridge has become commonplace in the e-cigarette landscape, a key product in the range of equipment for first-time vapers.

What makes the Flexus Peak stand out from the competition, in addition to the build quality, is its compatibility with the well-known, durable Aspire AF coils, which deliver flavours that are perfectly comparable with the brand’s best clearomizers.

The kit comes with two coils:

·The 0.6 ohm AF for good vapour production and an airy restrictive draw (DRL)
·The 1.0 ohm AF for a tight draw like a tobacco cigarette (MTL)

The coils are replaced by simply unclipping the tank and pulling on the coil to change it. You are advised to wait about ten minutes after fitting the new coil to allow it to be properly soaked in liquid.

The magnetic tank containing 3 ml is inserted and held firmly in place. It is in keeping with the 1000 mAh capacity of the Flexus Peak. It provides comfortable battery life and is filled from underneath by removing a tab conveniently placed under the tank.

The condensation inherent to this type of equipment is well controlled by the design and does not require any particularly close attention, which is notable for a pod!

Well-hidden technical sophistication

Although it gives a glimpse of its innards through its transparent front, there is more to the Flexus Peak than meets the eye.

You don’t need any buttons to activate the pod. You just draw on it to automatically trigger vaping, whatever the airflow setting or coil inserted. This automatic system, which could be improved on other models, is perfectly mastered here.

A slide on the side is used to precisely adjust the airflow. The reliable, firm positioning ensures the setting does not move easily and will stay put.

The Flexus Peak is equipped with a 2 A USB-C charging port for very fast charging using the cable provided.

The battery level is shown by an LED with colour codes green (100-60%), blue (60-30%) and red (30-0%).

For advanced users who want to fine-tune the power delivered to the coil, a simple operation enables you to choose between three power levels by clipping/unclipping the tank three times in quick succession. This displays a colour code, also with the LED, according to the setting:

·Green = Maximum power
·Blue = Intermediate
·Red = Minimum power


What we like
·Build quality
·Reliable coils
·Little condensation
·Really precise airflow adjustment

What we don’t like
·No second spare tank provided


The reliability of the equipment from Aspire is well established. The Flexus Peak offers a silent vaping experience of excellent quality worthy of a clearomizer in a compact, discreet format with a reasonable battery life. The AF coils, particularly the 1 ohm coil, are extremely durable.