Review: Flexus AIO – Aspire

Aspire has added to its Flexus range with an ambitious new “All-in-one” pod aiming to satisfy both first-time and experienced vapers. With a sleek, elegant design, the promise is attractive.

Simple and effective

Aspire has been a master in the design of reliable, effective kit for first-time vapers for years.

The Flexus range is a model of efficiency, and the Flexus AIO is no exception to the rule. It is disconcertingly easy to use, producing flavours worthy of an excellent clearomizer.

Technical specs

What’s in the box?
·Spare parts
·USB cable
·User guide

Minimalist settings and usage

Using the Flexus AIO is a breeze, with automatic firing by inhalation or by pressing the main button, as you wish.

The automatic firing system is very efficient and works instantaneously, whatever the airflow set by the user, even the most open setting.

A single settings button is used to alternate between three automatic power levels according to the chosen coil.

Three LEDs indicate the power level selected.

1 = Minimum power
2 = Medium power
3= Maximum power (15 W with the 1 ohm coil and 18 W with the 0.6 ohm coil)

The key to the efficiency of the Flexus range is the design of the AF coils.

The kit comes with two coils:

·The 0.6 ohm AF for an airy draw with good vapour production.
·The 1 ohm AF for a tight draw like a tobacco cigarette.

With years of experience in the field, the AF coils are a successful miniaturised adaptation in pod format of the legendary BVCs which are impressively effective and offer great durability comparable with the brand’s best clearomizers.

The air inlets are on the tank and are adjusted by simply rotating it. The design of the 4 ml tank is pared back to the max. The coil is inserted from underneath without screwing and is held in place by effective seals.

Rotating the part that serves both as mouthpiece and tank cap through a quarter turn gives access to the filling holes. A rubber lip ensures safe filling when you insert the tip of the bottle. The operation is easy even for a beginner, with no risk of spills or runs.

The tank is simply inserted and held tightly in place by a reliable magnet.

It should be noted that by its design, this type of equipment generates condensation which it is important to remove with a cotton bud to ensure the kit keeps working properly in the long term. With its airflow, the Flexus AIO generates quite a lot of condensation which needed cleaning up at least once a day in regular use during our tests.

A USB-C port enables fast charging at 2 A using the cable provided, with the comfortable capacity of 2000 mAh, perfectly adapted for the usage range of the AF coils.


What we like
·Elegant, modern design
·Easy to use
·Coil durability

What we don’t like
·Condensation that needs to be cleaned up regularly


The Flexus AIO is perfectly suited as a first purchase for a beginner. Reliable and effective, it can be used intuitively by a novice. The flavour rendering is remarkable for a product of this type and is every bit as good as a clearomizer, which makes it very useful as a backup for experienced users.