Review: Eco Nano – Vaporesso

Manufacturer Vaporesso is going from strength to strength. Its family of pods is constantly growing, and they’ve just launched the latest addition: the Eco Nano. With a generous tank capacity, it’s very easy to use and delivers a great vape.

A few changes

Vaporesso has been working hard on its range of pods. Although the Eco Nano is easy to use, it differs from other recent products in its rather large 6 ml tank capacity. Another new feature is its cardboard packaging, which is fully recyclable.

Technical specs

What’s in the box?
·User guide

A comfortable pod

Although the Eco Nano uses cartridges with sealed coils, i.e. disposables, we still want to congratulate Vaporesso for choosing to use 100% cardboard packaging. This reduces the amount of plastic involved, after all. The box is marked with the number puffs you will get out of the pod. The Eco Nano box says it’ll give 13,000 puffs. It’s hard to say how accurate this statement really is because it depends on how each user inhales and what liquid they use. 

The Eco Nano comes without a charging cable. This won’t be a particular problem for experienced vapers, but might be annoying for new vapers.

A USB-C port on the bottom of the Eco Nano allows fast charging of the built-in 1000 mAh battery. The battery life is good for the size of the pod. You can also vape while it’s charging.

It comes in a range of colours and soft touch or metallic finishes.

The disposable cartridge holds 6 ml. This puts the Eco Nano at the top of the pod rankings in terms of e-liquid capacity. The cartridge is sealed, so you have to throw away the entire tank when you notice it wearing out. The cartridge fits above the battery. It’s held in place by two magnets that really do a great job. There’s no play at all when you’re vaping with this pod.

The cartridge contains a 0.8 ohm mesh coil. You fill the tank by lifting the silicone tab. The opening is pretty wide, so you’ll be able to use most e-liquid bottle tips.

You just inhale to vape, and in our tests we didn’t notice any lag between starting to inhale and vapour being made.

The flavours are delicious, especially with fruity e-liquids which suit mesh coils better. It’s a simple pod with a generous tank size, and will suit everyone from beginners to old hands.


 What we like
·Large tank capacity
·No settings to adjust
·Quality of flavour
·Liquid level is visible

 What we don’t like
·Disposable cartridge
·No cable in the box


The Eco Nano is a nice little pod. There’s nothing to adjust and you just inhale to vape. Its 6 ml capacity is pretty generous, so you won’t have to refill it all the time. It’s battery life is good for the size it is. We just wish it didn’t use disposable cartridges and came with a charging cable.