Review: Coss kit – Vaporesso

The Coss kit is the latest offering from Vaporesso. It’s a tiny pod that’s super easy to charge and refill on a hub containing a 1500 mAh battery and a e-liquid reserve. This pod is not only revolutionary but also looks likely to open new doors in the way vaping systems are used.

An easy-to-use little pod

Although the pod market is currently saturated with products offering varying levels of performance, technological innovations are few and far-between. Vaporesso has broken new ground with the Coss: a miniscule pod that charges on a larger hub. Nothing we haven’t seen before. Similar systems already exist. What IS new is that the hub not only charges it electrically but also refills it with e-liquid!

A product that performs well and, most importantly, is totally leak-free.

Technical specs

What’s in the box?
·Spare parts
·USB cable
·User guide

A fully automatic pod

Simply slide the Coss into the slot on the hub, and the pod recharges automatically. A small vibration sound and a series of LEDS light up to indicate that the system is working properly. To remove the pod from its hub, simply slide the tab stamped with the name of the brand.

You can vape while the Coss is in its hub, but we wouldn’t advise using it like this because it disrupts the airflow entering the pod.

The Coss pod is particularly compact at 9 mm thick and weighing only 17 g. With no buttons or settings to adjust, you don’t need any particular skill to use it. You just inhale to make vapour. The cartridge has a capacity of 0.6 ml. Not much, but in a format this size, it would be difficult to get more in.

The hub charging battery has a capacity of 1500 mAh. In itself, it’s not the largest, but if you consider the space taken up by the automatic e-liquid filling system and the mini format of the pod, it’s both logical and sufficient to use the Coss for several days.

On the side with the tank, a button with LEDS is used to fill the Coss with e-liquid. It’s easy to do. You just press the button, the LEDS flash, it makes a noise as it starts up and you hear it filling. The same happens when it’s finished filling.

Systems like this already exist, particularly on bottom-feeder boxes. The good thing about the Coss is that there’s almost nothing to do or keep an eye on. The real plus point is the total absence of leaks or seepage. A vacuum injection system guarantees zero-leakage during filling.

However, be careful about pressing the button repeatedly. There is a maximum e-liquid level on the cartridge containing the coil. If you go past that level, it can negatively affect inhalation.

The hub tank can contain 7.5 ml. Although the cartridge is slightly opaque, you can see the e-liquid level without needing to take it out. It fits tightly on its base.

The tank is filled by lifting the red seal. With its 7.5 ml capacity, you don’t have to fill it very often. Like we said earlier, we didn’t see any leaks or seepage during our tests.

Tight vape

The Coss comes with two cartridges with sealed coils. These are both 1.2 ohm. The draw is tight and feels similar to indirect inhalation (into your mouth then into your lungs, like a tobacco cigarette). The choice to opt for a 1.2 ohm coil makes sense. With a capacity of only 0.6 ml, it needs refilling frequently, even if it is automatic. With a more power-hungry coil, using it would become a nuisance.

The difference between the two cartridges lies in the drip tip. One has a mouthpiece with a small diameter, whereas the other can be fitted with the filters supplied in the box. This slightly alters the way it feels in your mouth and makes it more like smoking a tobacco cigarette.

The filter is inserted into the hole on the top of the drip tip. It fits tightly and doesn’t budge. How often you need to change the filter depends on the way you inhale and the liquid you vape.

The Coss is a good product that stands out from the competition thanks to its filling and charging methods. Flavour rendering is excellent, particularly with fruity flavours. The Coss is simple and easy to use. Our only gripes are that it uses disposable cartridges and that you need to fill up the stick so often.


 What we like
·Leak-free filling system
·The charging system
·Quality of flavour
·Two different cartridges

What we don’t like
·Disposable cartridges
·Filling frequency


The Coss is pretty on-point. It’s ultra simple to use and makes charging and refilling a piece of cake with its leak-fee, precise injection system. The flavours are there for this mini pocket-sized pod. Our only gripe is the use of disposable cartridges and a capacity of 0.6 ml that needs to be filled up often.