Review: Coolfire Z60 kit – Innokin

A new kit from the Chinese manufacturer Innokin! The release of the Coolfire Z60 kit is causing quite a stir.  It consists of an integrated battery box able to deliver 60 W and a new clearomizer, the Zlide Top, the brand’s first top airflow. A kit that has it all.

New opus
The Coolfire Z60 kit is a development of the Z50 and Z80 kits. With its built-in 2500 mAh battery, the box is easy to use and has useful functions to increase coil lifetime. It is the arrival of the Zlide Top, the manufacturer’s new clearomizer, that takes the Coolfire Z60 to the next level. Discovery…

Technical specs

What’s in the box?
·Spare tank
·Spare parts
·USB cable
·Drip tip
·User guide

Practical box

The top of the Coolfire Z60 box has a spring-mounted 510 pin. It is designed to be combined with the Zlide Top clearomizer supplied in the kit. However, it can be used with an atomizer up to 25 mm in diameter and a maximum power of 60 W.

The fire button is positioned at the top of the screen. It is raised by approximately 1 mm. It is bevelled all round the edge and has an understated, discreet metal ring around it. When pressed, the click is discreet but sufficiently loud to hear that you have pressed it. Assembly is tidy with no overhang or sharp edges.

On the side of the Coolfire Z60, apart from the fire button, there is the colour screen, a “+” and “-” button and a USB-C port for fast charging. It is classic and has the same aesthetics as the existing models.

Under the box are marked the name of the manufacturer and the life of the built-in battery, here 2500 mAh. This matches the format of the box and is sufficient to use the Zlide Top clearomizer both in MTL or DL. Obviously for DL you will need to charge the box more regularly. There is also an On/Off button to switch off the box in an instant. It is practical for transporting it and only takes a few seconds to operate.

The menus are accessed by pressing the “+” and “-” buttons simultaneously. The Coolfire Z60 is complete and has various menus such as variable wattage, the Refresh function, the Coil menu + (for the wattage and the volts menu). The Refresh function is used to unclog e-liquid deposits on the coil and behaves like a pre-heater. The menus are efficient and get straight to the point. The Coolfire Z60 is both accessible to beginners, thanks to the easy access to its menus, but also offers great performance with superior functions.

Clearomizer that doesn’t leak

The Zlide Top is the nice surprise in the Coolfire Z60 kit. It is the first top airflow from Innokin. Aside from the technical terms, it is above all the guarantee of a reliable, leakproof clearomizer for day-to-day use. The only air inlet is on the top of the Zlide Top. Air enters via the top and is redirected to the bottom where the coil is. Gone are leaks when the temperature changes or when the coil starts to show signs of flagging.

With a volume of 3 ml, the Zlide Top is ideal for mouth to lung use (like a tobacco cigarette). A second bubble tank holding 4.5 ml is more adapted to direct to lung vaping.

The box also contains two drip tips designed for each type of draw.

Filling with e-liquid is done by sliding the upper part of the Zlide Top. This reveals a hole covered by a split seal (to avoid leaks if the clearomizer is turned upside down) allowing the tip of the e-liquid bottle through. You will find that the narrower bottle tips make filling easier. A small engraved triangle shows where to press to access the filling space. Simple and practical!

There is only one airflow on the Zlide Top. However, its large size means it provides optimum cooling whatever the type of draw. With the clearomizer facing you, turning the rotating ring to the right reduces the airflow towards the coil. The gradually increasing size of the slot avoids disruption in the airflow. The result is superb precision, whether you are a vaper who likes a very tight draw or something much airier.

Turning the airflow ring is extremely easy and isn’t too stiff or too loose. The setting doesn’t budge during transport.

To change the coil, simply unscrew the base of the clearomizer to access the compartment. Two lugs only allow the coil to be inserted in one direction. It is impossible to get the position wrong, as if it is, you can’t fully close the clearomizer. Once again, the kit is designed to be easy for vapers to use. The machining is good quality and the operation doesn’t require excessive force.

The kit comes with two coils, including the new Z-Coil at 0.6 ohm. Both the 0.3 ohm and the 0.6 ohm coils have Duo Prime technology. This is a system with a double mesh strip which boosts impregnation of the wick with e-liquid. The system is effective: during our tests, we chain-vaped at the maximum power recommended for each coil. We didn’t see any signs of the wick drying out prematurely. That’s a plus!

The 0.3 ohm coil is used between 30 and 40 W whereas the 0.6 ohm coil requires power between 9 and 13 W. The Zlide Top adapts just as well to a discreet indirect draw to the production of nice clouds up to 40 W.

The Zlide Top is compatible with the entire Z-Coil range, which includes 8 different coils for every vaping style.

When it comes to vaping, the Zlide Top is a pleasant surprise. It’s easy to use and can switch from a tight draw to a more airy vape just by changing the coil. Adjusting the airflow is efficient and precise. The flavours are pleasant and by modulating the airflow, you can achieve a warm or much colder vape. The Zlide Top can be used just as well with fruity or minty e-liquids as with gourmet and classic e-liquids. Its versatility and the lack of leakage make it the ideal companion for beginners who have just quit smoking or for more experienced vapers who want a simple, efficient product.

The Coolfire Z60 box uses the brand’s recent technologies for a kit offering great performance and that is easy to use.

In summary

 What we like
·Versatile clearomizer
·A compact, simple box
·Quality of the finish
·Coil offer
·Vape quality

What we don’t like

The Coolfire Z60 by Innokin is an excellent combination to get started in vaping or to develop your vaping style. The box has no defects and is ideal for use up to 60 W. The Zlide Top doesn’t leak and delivers excellent flavours, whether you vape at low power or want to produce lots of vapour.