Review: ArcFire – Innokin

Just a few weeks after launching the Klypse Zip, Innokin has released another easy-to-use pod. The ArcFire is a long, fully automatic pod that holds 3 ml of e-liquid.

Still simple

The ArcFire is a slender, ovoid-shaped pod. The metal cladding adds to the impression that the assembly and manufacturing quality are first class. It’s fully automatic, needs no adjustments and you just simply inhale to make vapour. It’s a simple but effective product.

Technical specs

What’s in the box?
·USB cable
·User guide

An elegant, stylish pod

The ArcFire is a neat little pod. It comes in 6 different colours, and will easily fit in your bag or pocket without ever appearing bulky. There’s a deep engraving of the name near the bottom. The manufacturer’s name is engraved in the same place on the other side.

An LED runs right round the ArcFire. It lights up during charging and when you’re using the pod.

Pressing the button on the side 3 times in quick succession switches it off. Three little lights indicate the remaining battery level. When all 3 LEDS are lit, the pod has over 65% battery charge remaining, 2 LEDS mean there’s 15 to 65% left and just one LED means there’s less than 15% charge left – it’s time to charge your pod!

Everything is well integrated and there are no sharp edges, which makes it feel great in your palm.

There’s a USB-C port on the base to charge the ArcFire. There’s a built-in 650 mAh battery. We don’t think that’s quite enough to vape with a 0.8 ohm cartridge all day long without charging it from time to time.

Even so, it only takes 30 minutes to reach 75% battery charge, so it’s not too much of an issue. Plus, it also comes with a 1.2 ohm cartridge, which uses less power.

The cartridge sits on top of the battery. It’s held firmly in place by 3 magnets that do their job perfectly. There’s no sideways play and no annoying sensations when you vape with the ArcFire. You can see how much liquid is left on the side of the pod.

The cartridge houses a sealed coil. When the coil starts to show signs of wearing out (change in flavours), you have to change the whole cartridge.

The ArcFire cartridge is 1.2 ohm, and it’s designed to be used at 10 W. It holds a comfortable 3 ml, which is actually slightly more than most pods in this category. There’s a silicone cover you lift off to reveal the e-liquid filling hole.

We recommend using a fine-tipped e-liquid bottle for the sake of ease, as this will prevent any clogging or spills.

A second cartridge, which you can buy as an accessory, has a value of 0.8 ohms.

The 1.2 ohm coil we tested met all our expectations. The vape is a tight MTL (mouth to lung, like a tobacco cigarette) but it’s not too restricted. The flavours it delivers are clear and true. The ArcFire is so easy to use, making it a brilliant first vape.


 What we like
·Level of finish
·Vape quality

 What we don’t like
·Disposable cartridge
·Battery life’s on the low side


The ArcFire easy to use and well-made. It needs no adjustments and you just inhale to make vapour. The level of finish is very good. The cartridge delivers excellent vaping sensations and clear, delicate flavours. It would be better if the cartridge were re-useable, and the battery life is a bit below average for this type of pod.