Removing Barriers from Vaping: Tips for People with Disabilities

Last week a customer asked us when our shops would be open again.
She used to visit on a regular basis in order to get her coils changed. Due to problems with her hands, she struggled to change them herself.
She’s not alone – my mother has arthritis in her hands, and struggles with some vape devices.
However, with the right device, there’s simply no need to struggle with coil changing – or any of the more fiddly aspects of vaping.
For all of you who have limited mobility, disabilities, or simply want to avoid the more fiddly aspects of vaping, we’ve put this guide together to help you choose a device which will fit your needs.
Of course, there’s no one single solution, and the vape you select will depend on your particular needs. So in this post we’re going to review potential problem areas, and suggest solutions for each of those.

Changing Coils
Coils can be tricky and fiddly to change for all of us. Of course, just how difficult depends on the device.
Fortunately, we’re seeing more modern tanks come through with push-fit coils. These are super simple to use – you simply pull the coil to remove it from the base of the tank, and push in a replacement.
Tanks such as the Smok Nord 19 that use push-pull coils also seal the e-liquid in the tank, so that you don’t have to empty the tank before changing the coil. That both saves e-liquid and makes changing the coil a mess-free process.

Also consider: fixed coil or ‘Pod’ devices
Some devices come with a fixed coil. With these devices, instead of changing the coil, you simply replace the whole tank or pod. An example of this is the Innokin GO-S.
Many (but not all) pod systems also come with built-in coils. One pod system to try is the Vaporesso Osmall, which also has the advantage of being button free and inhale activated.

Trouble with e-liquid bottles
There’s no getting around the fact that vape products are designed to be child-proof.
Unfortunately, that can make it difficult for some of us adults too.
You may, however, want to avoid short-fill bottles. These are larger bottles of juice that are designed to be mixed with nicotine shots and shaken. The top can be fiddly to take off, and you need to shake the mixture to dissolve the nicotine.
If you prefer high VG e-liquid, check out the Double Drip and Wick Liqour ranges, both of which come in standard 10ml bottles and pre-mixed with nicotine .

Button Issues
If you’re having trouble pressing the button on the device, consider using an auto-inhale device. These detect when you are inhaling, and automatically fire up the vape for you, without the need to press a button
A great example of this is the Uwell Caliburn, which gives the option of button operation or auto-inhale. An additional bonus with this device is that it is one of the best pod systems for flavour.

Filling your tank or pod
If you’re looking for a pod system, look for a device which can be filled without removing the pod from the base. Many more modern pod systems now come with a side-fill port, which simply entails inserting the e-liquid bottle into a port to fill.
The new Eleaf iJust AIO is even easier, as it comes with a simple to use twist-to-fill mechanism. Simply twist the top and a refilling port will appear.

Also consider: Prefilled cartridges or pods
If you are really struggling to fill tanks or pod with e-liquids, you might be better off using a device which comes pre-filled.
One option is to use a Halo Cigalike. This looks just like a regular cigarette, and to use you simply screw a cartridge on to the battery.
If you’d prefer something that doesn’t look like a cigarette, it might be worth checking out the Hexa V.2. This slim device also comes with a magnetic attachment, which means the pod snaps securely and easily into place on the device.
Handily, both of these devices also have the advantage of being auto-inhale.

Struggling to grip the device
One problem with traditional vapes is they are often made of metal, making them slippery to hold – which can be frustrating if you are struggling to grip the device.
Fortunately, a number of devices are designed to be easier to hold. Vaporesso, in particular, use textured grips for a number of their devices, including the previously mentioned Osmall.
Struggling to see
If you are visually impaired, there’s a couple of things to avoid.

First, it’s worth avoiding advanced mod devices with screens. While many devices have made improvements in the clarity of their screens, much of the more advanced information is displayed in tiny writing.

A simpler device also means less time spent trying to read tiny instruction manuals with a magnifying glass!

When choosing a device, it’s also worth paying attention to the filling mechanism. Some devices have a tiny arrow on the top of the tank, which shows where you should push in order to open up the filling port. These can be very difficult to see.

A lot of the tips we’ve already covered apply here. Consider using a device with a fixed coil and prefilled cartridges or pods. You can usually feel around for the button, but if that causes any issues, consider an auto-inhale device.