Recyclable disposable vapes

Disposable vapes have become very popular over the last year or two, with many vapers finding them to be a handy short term vaping solution for those times when their usual vape kit may not be the most convenient option.

However, something that we as the vaping community need to bear in mind is that disposable vapes are just that, disposable. Meaning they are not the most environmentally friendly option and have the potential to contribute a lot of excess waste to landfill, especially when they are used all the time.

Fortunately, there are some disposable vape options that allow you to enjoy the convenience of a disposable vape, but in a more environmentally conscious way.

What are disposable vapes?
As the name suggests, disposable vapes are a type of vape kit which can be disposed of when empty.

They come prefilled with e-liquid, with the option to choose between a variety of different flavours and possibly even different nicotine strengths depending on the brand, and also have a built-in single use battery.

They are a completely closed system, meaning there is no access to the e-liquid chamber or the battery, and they cannot be refilled or recharged.

Once the device is empty, it can simply be disposed of and either replaced with a new one or with your usual vape kit.

However, they are designed to be a short term option for those times when you need something small and simple and your usual vape kit might not be the best option.

For example, many people like to use disposable vapes when they go to festivals or on a night out, because it allows them to travel light and not need to carry other vaping accessories with them or have to find somewhere to charge their device. They are also quite inexpensive when comparing a single device to a single vape kit, which means you can buy a couple to take with you, and it won’t be quite so inconvenient should one of them get lost or damaged.

The ANDS Slix range of disposable vapes have been designed to offer vapers a more environmentally friendly disposable vape which incorporates biodegradable and recyclable materials in place of single use plastics.

Disposable vapes actually contain some valuable materials which can be recycled and reused, such as the lithium and metals in the batteries which can be used in the production of electric cars. However, many disposable vapes are a completely closed system which makes it difficult for the battery to be removed for recycling.

The main body of the ANDS Slix device is made of high grade cardboard which can be recycled with your usual household waste. This makes it extremely easy to disassemble the device, allowing easy access to the battery which can be recycled at any local battery recycling point. Not only that, but the device is actually made of 99% recyclable, biodegradable, and recoverable materials!

But, ANDS aren’t just satisfied with making it easier for you to recycle parts of your disposable vape, they will actually do it for you!

By signing up to their recycling club you can request a prepaid envelope whenever you have collected ten used Slix devices, and post them back to them from any post box. They will then take care of the whole recycling process for you. They even have special facilities that allow them to recycle the mouthpiece and base of the disposable vape are made from food grade, biodegradable silicone and the e-liquid chamber which is comprised of metal and plastic. So you can rest assured that you are making a more environmentally conscious choice but in a way that is still easy and approachable.

ANDS are hoping to set a new standard within the industry, as disposable vapes have become much more popular than expected, it is important to ensure this popularity does not come at the cost of our environment. The Slix range allows them to offer adult smokers an effective alternative to smoking while also minimizing their environmental impact.

Their design means that, when recycled directly through ANDS, less than 1% of each Slix disposable vape ends up in landfill, which could drastically reduce the contribution that vape waste makes to landfill. This also means that each Slix device is creating 70% less waste by weight when compared to other leading disposable vape brands.

Senior Director of Scientific and Medical Affairs at ANDS, Dr Marina Murphy, revealed to UKVIA:

“While the analysis carried out by Waste Experts suggests that our single-use vape is highly recyclable, we will continue to work towards zero waste.

“We aim to build a high rate of recyclability into all our products, by using high quality recyclable materials and simple construction that allows for highly efficient dismantling. This contributes to a fast, efficient overall recycling process, which reduces waste management costs. This in turn helps to keep product prices competitive, creating a win-win for the environment and adult consumers who value our products.”

Can other disposable vapes be recycled?
It is estimated that there are currently 1.3 million single-use vapes being thrown away every week in the UK. Which means that the vital materials used inside these devices like lithium, copper, and steel are being thrown away along with them.

Most disposable vapes are not easily disassembled like the ANDS Slix devices, but they can still be recycled to recover the valuable materials from the used battery. This can be done at specialist facilities, and it is easy to find one that is local to you through the recycle your electricals website.

These facilities have the capability to safely remove the battery from inside the device and disassemble each disposable to recover any recyclable or reusable materials.