Recap Vaping Question: Can a Freebase Nic E-Liquid Vape Differently in a Box Mod’s Tank vs. an Open Pod Mod’s Cartridge?

Have you been considering throwing some freebase nic e-liquid into your open pod system? If so, it’s extremely important that you understand how this type of e-liquid differs from salt-based nicotine e-liquid. While salt nic e-liquid is specially formulated to be compatible with a pod system, freebase nic e-liquid isn’t necessarily the same. However, today, there are plenty of pod mods that are designed to be compatible with both types of e-liquid so that you can switch between the two depending on how you’re feeling that day.

Vaping a Freebase Nic E-Liquid with an Open Pod System Rather Than a Box Mod Setup
Before we dive into it here, we need to mention that while you can absolutely vape a freebase nic e-liquid while using a compatible open pod system, no matter which type of open pod device you’re using, vaping a freebase nic e-liquid with your pod device is gonna be quite different from vaping it with a standard sub-ohm vaping setup.

First, we strongly suggest that you use an open pod system that’s specially made to accommodate freebase nic e-liquid. These pod systems come with coils that allow you to get the most satisfaction out of your freebase nic e-liquid. While it’s true that you can technically vape a freebase nic e-liquid with any pod mod device on the market, you likely won’t experience real satisfaction unless the coil in the pod cartridge is designed for this type of nicotine.

No matter what you do, the flavor that you get when vaping a freebase nic e-liquid with a pod mod isn’t going to be as strong. That’s because pod mods just aren’t designed to enhance the flavor of vape juices that are made with freebase nicotine. You’ll likely notice that the flavor is a bit more subdued and not as complex.

Cloud Production
No matter what type of e-liquid you use with a pod system, you won’t get the massive, dense clouds that you get when you’re using a sub-ohm setup. That’s because pod mods are, by nature, low-wattage devices that require coils that have resistance levels above one ohm. In order to get those enormous clouds, you need a high-wattage device that utilizes a low-resistance coil. While some pod mods are more conducive to thicker, more abundant vapor, you’ll never really be able to realize your cloud-chasing dreams while using a pod system.

Throat Hit
The reason why we associate pod mod systems with that powerful, pleasurable throat hit is because of nicotine salts. If a strong throat hit is your top priority, be aware that freebase nicotine won’t give you that same level of satisfaction, even when vaped in a pod mod. While the throat hit will still be there, it won’t be as potent. Of course, if you aren’t a fan of strong throat hits, you’ll see this as a good thing.

Salt nic e-liquid and freebase nic e-liquid have two different consistencies. Pod cartridges are designed to accommodate salt nic e-liquid, which is thicker than its freebase counterpart. That’s why some people find that their freebase nic e-liquid leaks out of the cartridge of their pod mod system. However, pod kits that are designed to handle freebase nic e-liquid are less likely to leak regardless of what kind of vape juice you’re using.