QUAQ mesh coil technology

The vaping industry is constantly evolving and innovating to create new and exciting products that give us the best possible vaping experience, and the QUAQ mesh coil is the latest such innovation which is changing the game for disposable vapes.

What is QUAQ mesh technology?
These specially designed mesh coils consist of a woven mesh made from medical grade high-precision heating wire, and they cover a wider surface area which allows for better heat distribution and a more consistent vapour production and reliability. This means that you can enjoy the same satisfying draw from the first puff to the last, and continuously throughout.

The larger surface area of the QUAQ mesh coil also allows for more e-liquid to be vapourised at a time, offering a thick and rich vapour and letting you enjoy a more intense flavour payoff with up to 500% more flavour consistency.

Mesh coils are also known for their longevity, as the uniform design helps eliminate dry hits and hot spots, so the cotton within the device will burn out slower than with standard coils.

By utilising this QUAQ mesh coil technology in disposable vapes, manufacturers like Elf Bar and Lost Mary are ensuring that you can enjoy their premium e-liquids at their absolute best, while reducing the power consumption of the device and even offering a longer lifespan.

QUAQ CELL technology
Not only is this innovation helping improve the coils in disposable vapes, but it has also led to the manufacture of a more efficient power cell. The QUAQ CELL is a new modular battery which integrates the battery with Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA), connecting the power source straight to the coil to minimise power loss and enhance vapour production.

This new battery design ensures exceptional thermal stability and works in unison with the QUAQ mesh coil delivering more consistent power to the coil to enhance the vapour production and ensure you get the same high quality experience with every single puff.

A really great feature of the QUAQ CELL is that it actually makes the device easier for specialist recycling facilities to disassemble and recycle the vapes. While you cannot recycled your disposable vape as part of your household refuse, there are specialist facilities that have the equipment to remove and recycle the battery within these devices, which contain valuable materials like lithium and copper which can be used in the production of electric cars!

You can find your local facility that can process disposable vapes by entering your location on the recycle your electricals website.

Which vapes use a QUAQ mesh coil?
It is likely that this new technology will become more and more prevalent in the vaping market in the not so distant future, and you can already experience it in the new disposable vape ranges from Elf Bar and Lost Mary.

Elf Bar 600V2
The Elf Bar 600V2 is the latest range of disposable vape devices from popular vaping manufacturer Elf Bar, which offers a new and improved take on their well-loved Elf Bar 600 disposable devices.

The Elf Bar 600V2 range is filled with the same Elf Bar e-liquid that you know and love, in a range of eight delicious flavour options. However, the QUAQ mesh coil allows you to enjoy these e-liquids like never before with improved flavour payoff that makes the flavour burst on your tongue. Each device contains 2ml of 20 mg/ml nic salt e-liquid, which is ideal for quickly satisfying nicotine cravings with a smooth feeling inhale.

Each Elf Bar 600V2 disposable vape also incorporates the QUAQ CELL battery, which provides power directly to the mesh coil to ensure consistency in the power and therefore a more consistent vapour which remains the same for each and every one of the up to 600 puffs each device can provide.

It is not only the inside of these devices that has had an upgrade, but also the exterior design of the device which now features a glossy metallic body and bright, eye-catching coloured ombre finish which corresponds to the flavour.

Lost Mary BM600S
You can also find QUAQ mesh coil technology in the new Lost Mary BM600S range, the improved version of their wildly popular Lost Mary BM600 disposable range.

The body of the device maintains the same palm-sized squared design as the original BM600, and each device contains 2ml of the same 20 mg/ml nic salt formula e-liquids. However, the QUAQ mesh coils help the BM600S range offer the most enjoyable vaping experience from Lost Mary yet, with phenomenal flavour payoff and a rich, satisfying, and smooth vapour that remains consistent with each and every puff.

The range is also available in four all new flavours which are currently exclusive to the BM600S disposable vapes range: berry combos, pina kiwi lemonade, straw golden pina, and lemon lime, offering an excellent mix of classic fruity flavours and more exotic options.