Pros and Cons of Customized Flavorings

We’re known for our massive selection of top-rated, premium e-juices that are available in a wide array of delicious flavors. Furthermore, these liquids come in a wide range of bottle sizes and nicotine strengths. Customers trust our ability to make great-tasting vapes, and know that we use only the best ingredients that exist on the market today.

But not everyone is content with a selection of e-liquids offered by a particular manufacturer, including one as large and diverse as ours. For those types of vapers, there are customized flavorings. Many vape companies nowadays offer some means for customers to customize their e-liquids, and we have our own, which is our selection of flavorings. Our Flavorings/E-Flavors are simply flavor extracts that can be added to an existing vape juice, or can be used to produce an e-liquid batch completely from scratch.

Further, many vape juice companies allow customers to play around with different nicotine strengths and VG/PG ratios when stocking up on liquids. Today, we’ll break down the pros and cons of customizing one’s e-liquid.

Let’s first, real briefly discuss a couple of main options that vapers have if they wish to have a more customized vaping experience.

#1: DIY
The first route that vapers can take is going DIY. This means making your own vape juices from scratch using a variety of ingredients that go into e-liquids. DIY vaping is not for everyone, as it requires, time, adequate space and a commitment to safety.

#2: Through a Company
The other option is the one that we will be focusing today, which is customizing your e-liquids through a company.

Pros of Customized Flavorings
Now, let’s discuss the pros of customized flavorings. Again, we are not talking about how it applies to DIY vaping here, but through a company.

#1: Experiment with Different Flavors
Of course, one of the best things about customizing your vapes is being able to explore different flavor profiles. All of us have a unique palate, and sometimes, what we’re craving simply isn’t available. Customized flavorings allow us to mix together different flavor components to create a flavor uniquely suited to our taste buds.

#2: Be Picky About the VG/PG Ratio
In many cases, this process also allows you to play around with different VG/PG ratios. This can come in handy, as many vapers are quite particular about the ratio at which they vape based on the unique settings of their mod setup.

#3: Explore Various Nicotine Strengths
And, of course, this method allows you to explore a wider range of nicotine strengths than are generally available.

#4: You May Save Money
Sometimes, you can save money by going this route. In other words, rather than having to splurge on an e-liquid flavor profile that comes from a more expensive brand, you can make it yourself using a customized flavorings option from a company that sells more affordable e-juices.

Cons of Customized Flavorings
Now, let’s cover the cons of customized flavorings.

#1: The Flavor May Be Off
It goes without saying that giving vapers the ability to make their own flavor profiles can backfire from time to time. Sometimes, a vaper may mix together flavor components that just don’t work together.

#2: You Might Get the VG/PG Ratio Wrong
You might choose to explore a unique VG/PG ratio that isn’t widely available commercially and end up with a formula that just isn’t suitable for your current vaping setup.

Customizing your own e-liquids is great for those who trust their vaping instincts and want something that just isn’t widely available on the vaping market. Many companies today let vapers customize their vapes through various methods.

Furthermore, you can easily choose from a wide range of nicotine strengths and bottle sizes upon checking out.