PRO vs. CONS: Can I store Vape Juice in the fridge or the freezer?

With the recent move to ban flavored e-cigarette products from the market, many people are already looking at stocking up on larger bottles to have the right amount of e-liquid that would last for a long time. And a common concern has been how to store the vape juice properly. Little wonder, many people ask, “Can I store vape juice in the fridge or the freezer?” 

The fridge and freezer mainly used to store foods, so it’s not hard to understand why many vapers consider this storage method. However, there are lots of Pros and Cons when storing vape juice in the fridge or the freezer. And that’s what we would show you in this piece.

First, an essential factor to look at when storing your vape juice is the juice integrity and flavor protection. You don’t want to open a bottle to see that the flavor has changed or the liquid has gone wrong. You still want the e-liquid to remain fresh even after a long time.

Pros and Cons of Storing Vape Juices in the fridge or the freezer

The PROs
Just like the benefits we derive from refrigerating or freezing our foods, our vape juice may last longer under this condition because the molecules have less energy, and bacteria may not thrive in cold temperatures.

More so, heat or sunlight alters the quality and flavor of vape juices, and you can consider those two eliminated when you store in the fridge or the freezer. Besides, the exposure to oxygen substantially reduced, keeping the integrity of the vape juice intact. 

However, you will need to keep out of reach of children or anyone under the age of 18. You may use a portable cooler if you have children in your house and don’t want to take the risk. Just ensure you place the cooler in a cool, dry area of your home.

The Cons
There are some common challenges associated with storing vape juices in the fridge or the freezer, and they include:

Flavor changes: Refrigeration can sometimes cause crystallization of the e-juice flavors, especially those that have a lot of crystals in them. The high sugar content of VG will likely crystallize as they sit longer in the fridge, and this can cause the sugars to separate from the rest of the molecules. This causes the e-juice to lose its original sweetness (Many e-juices go off after a period between 3 months and nine months of being stored in the fridge). It can be not good for you if you’re a vaper that loves a potent vapor when you vape.

Condensation: The Fridge encourages the condensation of water in the headspace above the e-liquid. This is common with larger storage bottles (that’s why it is recommended to use smaller containers to minimize the airspace). If there’s any microbial material is present in the air of the refrigerator, it can grow and break down your e-liquid.

Temperature: No doubt, the refrigerator will lower the temperature of your e-juice. And when you take it out of the fridge and pour it into your vape tank, your vape battery will have to take more time to warm it to the right temperature. This can compromise your battery’s function over time.

Consistency: E-juices contain PG and VG – two alcoholic ingredients that prevent freezing. However, when you keep your e-liquid under low temperatures, it becomes thick, meaning it will produce thicker clouds. This may not be cool if you’re not a fog-loving vaper. 

Looking at the Pros and Cons above, you surely have picked the answer to the question, “can I store vape juice in the fridge or the freezer?” It isn’t essential to store them there.

Best Practices for storing your vape Juices for a long time
Hence, here are some major key points to safely store your vape juice for an extended period:

Use Glass Bottles
Except for short-term storage, do not use plastic bottles when storing your vape juices to avoid leaching of the harmful chemicals into the e-liquid. 
The best containers are glass bottles for long-term storage because they do not allow oxidation of the e-juice. Besides, they help to preserve the temperature of your vape juice. 

Also, note that the dark glass bottles are better to keep out direct sunlight. And minimize the amount of air in the bottle. If you’re buying liquids in a 60-milliliter bottle or larger, ensure you transfer them to smaller containers and keep them tightly sealed to keep air out. 

Also, try to label your e-juice bottles if you tend to buy a lot of e-liquid at a time for extended storage. This way, you will keep a check and make sure you use each bottle before it loses its freshness.

Store in a cool, dark environment 
The best place to store your vape juice for a prolonged period is a closet or a cabinet. However, ensure you take out your bottle of e-liquids and shake them gently for a few minutes each week so that the ingredients stay homogenized.

Final Remark
Although a cold temperature is often believed to store products for a long time, it may alter the flavor and integrity of your vape juice, especially when you keep them for an extended period. Hence, the best measure to store those bottles of e-liquids is to keep them in a cool, dark place that is free from heat and sunlight. However, ensure you use smaller glasses to keep air away and shake your bottles gently each week to encourage the molecules to interact with each other.