Prefilled VS Refillable: Which Pods Are Cheaper?

Often when people are looking to purchase a new vape, they’ll go for a cheap vape for sale without factoring in the additional costs that may come along with it. Each device has its advantages, but if you’re looking for a device that is affordable to maintain, pod-style vapes are definitely your best bet. There are two main styles of pod vape starter kits, and below we compare the two variations, explaining the different costs that come with them. To learn more, read on!

The Differences Between The Devices
The difference between prefilled and refillable pod vapes is an easy one to wrap your head around, but if you’ve never dealt with pod vapes before, here it is: prefilled are ready-to-vape pods with juice already inside for extra convenience. On the other hand, refillable vapes have longer-lasting pods, allowing vapers to refill them with their favourite nicotine salts as they go.

Prefilled pods are single-use; once the liquid’s all gone or the internal coil has burnt out, it’s time to bin it. Refillable pods will generally go strong for 3-5 refills (depending on your usage). Each has benefits, but now that we understand the basics, we can get into the deeper costs associated with the two vapes.

General Costs
The initial cost of the device itself is generally the most expensive cost, but pod vapes are generally priced from $30-50: a much lower price point than the alternative sub-ohm mods, which usual come in at double the price of pod systems.

Prefilled Pods
Devices like the Stratus starter kit comes at just $34.90NZD, about the average price of a pack of cigarettes! The big difference is that, unlike smoking, this is a one-off cost! The pods themselves are the only ongoing cost related to the device with 4-packs coming in at $19.90NZD. The pods come prefilled, ready to put in the device and start puffing away.

The Alt. device is very similar to the Stratus, with their unique closed-pods containing nicotine salt E-juice, ready for you to get your nicotine fix immediately. The Alt. starter kit comes in at $40.00NZD, with 2-pack replacement pods costing $19.99NZD. It’s immediately clear that the Alt. is more expensive to maintain than the Stratus, but it’s a fantastic device to start with if you’re new to vaping.

The main restriction that comes with the convenience of prefilled pods is the lack of choice in flavour. Both Stratus and Alt. have a delicious range of flavours, but if you’re looking to try something more unique, a closed-pod system isn’t the right choice for you.

Refillable Pods
Refillable pod vapes, on the other hand, generally offer the same experience as prefilled, but without the flavour restrictions. Price points are slightly higher though, with devices generally reaching the $50.00 mark (give or take).

There is a wider range of refillable pod vapes out there, so prices vary by brand, but replacement pods cost between $10-25.00NZD. Devices like the Caliburn G use both replacement pods and coils—that’s two ongoing purchases—but the pods come at just $6 for a 2-pack and don’t need replacing often. Coils will be what needs replacing frequently—$19.00NZD for a 4-pack—but with efficient use, this can last you a month!

The last purchase that comes with refillable pod vapes is, of course, the E-liquids! A 30ml bottle of nic salts will usually be available at $25-30.00NZD, and that will last a full-time vaper anywhere between two weeks or a month. It all comes down to your usage!

Finding What Suits You
Generally speaking, a refillable pod will last you about 3-5x longer than a prefilled. If you’re somebody who is vaping every day, you’ll want to invest in some nice E-juices and a good-quality refillable device. The ongoing costs will vary from person to person, as ultimately it comes down to your habits.

An average vaper may be spending $40.00NZD each month, but if they purchased a closed-pod vape, they could be spending triple that, or even more! Refillable pod systems are the best choice for someone trying to quit smoking, saving you the most money.

Alternatively, you might just vape socially, maybe when you’re out with friends or just stressed, so closed-pod could be the best option. Pods are there, ready to go whenever you need them, and you can skip the whole step of buying E-liquid. Social vapers can spend as little as $20.00NZD monthly, depending on how often they are hitting the device.