The key to an excellent vaping experience is the ability to inhale the vapor correctly. It is the desire of every vaper to blow out massive vape clouds after a deep inhalation. Blowing thick vape clouds come with some tricks. It goes beyond inhaling the vapors; it takes a combination of the right techniques and products to do it. Here are helpful ways to help you get thicker or larger vapor clouds:

1.The power of the device
The intensity of your vaping experience is determined by the voltage of your device. In comparison, a high voltage will guarantee a great experience, while low voltages can make you struggle to have a thick cloud. Please take special care while increasing your vaping voltage. While it can give you thick clouds, overdoing it can burn the vape coil.

2.Vape tank:
There are various types of tanks you can use to have big clouds. The size of your tank is part of the contributors to having thicker clouds. Having a big tank will allow you to have more e-liquid to vaporize. The material is also important.  To withstand the heat of the device, consider using a glass or pyres. Most cloud chasers prefer using the Ohms sub tanks since they possess these qualities.

Having more air flowing through your vape keeps the temperature of the coil low. This creates a cool effect which aids in the condensation process. Increasing the airflow of the device can also produce bigger clouds. Modern devices now come together with extra air ducts created in the atomizers to help produce bigger and thicker clouds for vapers.

4.The technique for inhaling and exhaling
The right equipment and fine-tuning won’t guarantee clouds if you don’t inhale and exhale the vapor correctly. It is important to quit the “mouth to lungs” method. This method of inhaling dissipates vapor before it gets to the lungs. Try inhaling directly to the lungs to obtain the best effect. This method requires that you inhale fast and hard. This way, you are able to minimize vapor from dissipating.

5.Coil build
The coil of your device has a vital effect on the amount of vapor you can produce and how fast that can be done. Coils with low resistance are preferred for cloud chasers.  A coil with above 1.0 ohms resistance can still be used to blow thick clouds. Inasmuch as there are power and the wick is able to withstand the heat.

It’s time to get the thickest vaping clouds.
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