A stuck vape tank can be frustrating. Luckily, most sticky situations are solvable with a bit of innovation. We’ve compiled some tips and tricks to help you troubleshoot your stuck vape tank.

Why is My Tank Stuck on My Vape?
Stuck parts can happen to multiple different pieces of your vape setup. The mods and accessories that bring you a powerful vaping experience can be applied incorrectly or damaged during use. This can happen in multiple different parts of custom vape set-ups, as users have many parts to screw, unscrew, and replace over the lifetime of the device. The most common culprit of a stuck tank is over-tightening or loosening e-liquid, causing a jam.

How do I Get My Vape Tank Unstuck?
First – identify the issue. If you are having trouble unscrewing the tank to replace e-liquid, you are dealing with a tank jam. However, if you are having trouble detaching the tank from your device, you need to unstick the tank.

Vape Tank Jam
In the case of jammed vape tanks, the primary cause is over-tightening. An over-tightened vape tank will be difficult to turn with your bare hands, so the best course of action is to find a material that can grip the tank better than you can. Find a slightly sticky or textured surface – a jar opener, a mouse pad, or even a rubber band – and wrap it around the piece you wish to unscrew. Make sure you do not grip the wrong piece of the tank and avoid metal tools unless absolutely necessary. In cases where the sticky material does not help, metal tools such as pliers may be lightly applied with a rubber band or buffer to make sure they don’t damage the device.

Vape Tank Stuck on Mod
In some cases, your tank may simply be stuck to your device. This is a bit riskier since a botched fix would require more than simply a replacement tank. When attempting to remove a tank stuck to a mod, take care to avoid injuring the device or yourself via the battery.

1.Power off the device.

2.Remove batteries where possible. Some devices may not be designed to have batteries removed. In this case, double-check that the device’s power is off.

3.Figure out if your mod is broken. If the mod is broken, that may explain how your tank became stuck. Damage to the mounting plate can cause the tank to spin as if it was being removed, without actually loosening the connection to the device. This type of issue may point to a larger breakage within your device, in which it would be safer to purchase a new mod rather than risk further broken devices, leaked e-liquid, or shocks due to battery damage.

4.If the mod is intact, try a better grip. Similar to tank jams, sometimes your device just needs a little extra torque to release the tank from your mod. Find a sticky rubber material such as a mouse pad or rubber band to strengthen your grip. Only resort to metal tools as a last-case scenario, as they can cause further damage to your device.

5.Prepare to replace some parts. If your tank is truly stuck, prepare for some more fragile pieces to break in the process of fixing your tank. If you are still unable to fix the stuck tank, you may need to decide between getting an entirely new device or breaking a portion to get them apart. If this is the case, VaporFi supplies a wide variety of replacement parts and devices to get your custom setup back in action.

How to Stop Your Vape Tank From Getting Stuck
Make sure you are only tightening your tank enough to prevent leakage, as overtightening can lead to stuck parts. Having to retighten a tank is better than having to replace a setup.

If parts of your device end up permanently broken and you need to purchase a new tank, VaporFi has all of the best vape tanks available. If you’re looking for a sub-ohm tank that’s functional and stylish, try the Freemax Mesh Pro Sub-Ohm Vape Tank. Available in 10 colors, this sub-ohm tank has a 6ml e-liquid capacity and can fulfill all of your vaping needs. 

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