Noticing a Flavor Change During Your Vape Session

Thanks to the amazing technology behind today’s vaping hardware, we’re able to control our experience more accurately than ever before.  These days, devices feature lots of features that help us customize everything from the quality of flavor to the potency of that throat hit.  However, there are still times when something about our vaping experience can suddenly change beyond our control.
Many vapers report that from time to time, it seems like their e-juice flavor changes drastically.  Perhaps, during a vape session, they’re enjoying a sweet flavor when, suddenly, that flavor becomes shockingly sour.
If you’re worried about your flavor tasting differently while you’re vaping, this guide is for you.

Flavor Changes Can Happen, No Matter What Type of Nicotine You’re Vaping
First, let’s make one thing clear: Changes in flavor can happen whether you’re vaping salt nic e-liquid or freebase nic e-liquid.  However, this experience is more likely to occur with a freebase nic e-liquid because of the fact that the devices used with this type of nicotine have far more variables in terms of settings and features.

Reasons Why That Flavor May Change While You Vape
The truth is that there are several reasons why this may occur.  And, fortunately, there are just as many ways to remedy the situation. 

Vape juices consist of a variety of ingredients, and each ingredient has a different density.  This means that some ingredients naturally float to the top while others sink to the bottom.  The longer a vape juice sits, the more separation between ingredients will occur.  This is why it’s always recommended that you shake your bottle before refilling your tank.  If your e-liquid is separated in the tank, you’ll notice that the flavor changes throughout your session. 

A Different Output Setting
As you probably know, different output adjustments can have different effects on flavor.  For instance, temperature control adjustments can bring out different flavor notes in your e-liquid.  Therefore, it’s safe to assume that if you make an adjustment to your setup in the middle of a vaping session, your flavor will be impacted.

Leftover E-Liquid
Many of us like to try out different vape juice flavors on a regular basis.  When you’re about to try a new flavor, you’re supposed to dump out what’s left of the old flavor in your tank, thoroughly clean the tank out and then refill it.  Otherwise, by the time you get to the bottom of your tank while vaping the new flavor, you may get the taste of the last vape juice’s flavor.

Vaper’s Tongue
In rare cases, a sudden change in flavor can be caused by a sensory experience known as vaper’s tongue.  This occurs when you’ve vaped a strong flavor for too long, and your taste buds and olfactory glands become fatigued.  Typically, with vaper’s tongue, you’ll lose the ability to taste anything at all.

What to Do When Your Flavor Suddenly Changes During a Vaping Session

Shake Your Tank
If this change in flavor is caused by the fact that your e-liquid’s ingredients have separated, simply unscrew your tank from your device and give it a good shake.  This should redistribute the different ingredients so that the formula is much more homogenized, which leads to a consistent flavor experience.

Dump, Clean and Refill
If what you’re experiencing is the result of not having cleaned out your tank before introducing a new flavor, it’s time to dump, clean and refill.  Dump out what’s in the tank, run your tank under warm water for about sixty seconds and then refill it with e-liquid.

Wait a While
If you’re experiencing vaper’s tongue, you should simply try to refrain from vaping for at least one hour.  This gives your taste buds enough time to reset themselves so that you can once again enjoy the flavor of your e-liquid.

Many Unique Factors Can Contribute to a Sudden Change in Flavor
The good news is that there’s usually a simple explanation behind a change in flavor, which means that it’s easy to fix.  Use this guide to figure out what the cause is so that you can correct it and go back to the flavor that you know and love.