This blog is created to troubleshoot the most common issues users have with their vape pens and devices. In most cases your vape device actually is not broken, but you may be having a technical issue. Are you seeing a blinking light on your vape battery? Is your cartridge is not hitting? Is your vape battery not charging? Are you getting some sort of error message on your mod screen? Are you hearing strange sounds? Is your device auto-firing? If any of this issues sound like the issue you’re having, then you need to keep reading.

Does this mean your vape is broken? No. A blinking light is an indicator of one of 3 correctable issues. The first is that your vape battery is not holding enough power and needs to be charged.

§The fix is obvious. In the instance where the charger might be defective, just grab another preferably one with an indicator light to let you know when your battery is fully charged.

The second issue is that there is a connection problem. The connections pins of both the vape battery and cartridge or tank are not making contact. This will cause your battery light to flash.

§To fix this you need to check both the battery and connection. If the connection pin on the battery is pressed all the way in, first turn off the battery and use a toothpick or a small thin paperclip to dig out the pin by poking into the perimeter of the connection pin. Next, take a look under the cartridge. Cartridge connection pins are push fit and screw in. Pull the pin out just slightly, being careful not to completely detach the connections pin from the cartridge. If you are using a magnetic attachment on your cartridge, you will have to play with tightening the magnet and pulling the contact pin of the cartridge out far enough to complete the connection. Now, attach the cartridge to the vape battery and the blinking light should be gone so you can enjoy your vape.

The final reason why your vape battery is blinking is that the battery you are using does not output the amount of voltage required to power the heating element of your cartridge or tank. If you are using a variable voltage device, you must adjust your voltage to adequately power your cartridge/tank. If you don’t have a variable voltage battery or a battery with an output of at least 4 volts, we suggest that you get one. 

Cartridge malfunctions are at the top of reasons why someone thinks their vape is broken. Although it is possible that you have a dud, that’s not as common as you think. If you can’t draw in any vapor from your cartridge, the reason could be one of those described above in the previous section. There is probably no connection between the cartridge and the battery, so check your contact pins and make sure they’re pulled out far enough to touch. Also check the voltage of your battery, it may be too high or too low to heat your the material in your cartridge. We suggest setting your voltage between 3.8 and 4.2 volts.

These days an overwhelming majority of people who vape are using pen style or disposables. However, the pioneer vapers and enthusiasts still love all the features of the high tech devices. These are your high wattage, temperature adjustable vapes, specifically the cool ones with little LCD screens that will tell you when something is wrong. Messages like “low battery” “no atomizer” “pod detached” are clear indicators that your vape battery is missing something or that you need to charge the batteries. Is your vape broken? No, but if your seeing “no atomizer” and your cartridge/tank is actually attached then check that your contact pins on your battery and tank are protruding far enough to make contact. 

This is a normal occurrence of your liquid heating up. If your cartridge or vape tank is spitting liquid out of the mouth piece, your voltage is set too high and your material is literally boiling.

§The fix is to lower the voltage. If your vape battery doesn’t have an adjustable voltage, then use a smaller battery. The power output of pen style vape pen batteries are very closely related to the physical size of the battery itself.

This can happen, and has to many vaper’s. If you have a button activated device, this will happen if your button gets stuck. It is stuck because there is some debris on the sides of your button either because you’re hands were dirty at some point or you’ve had you vape in your pocket/bag and something has gotten in the button hole. What also causes your button to get stuck is e-liquid has built up around the button and solidified.

§Fix this by wetting a Q-tip with rubbing alcohol and wiping it onto the sides of your button to dissolve any sticky liquids that may be there. Should you discover any solid debris, use a toothpick, safety pin or small paper clip to dig out the buildup.

But what if your device doesn’t have any buttons?
§If you have a disposable vape auto-firing, this is because you’ve accidentally took a drag from the wrong end. You will have to either blow into the wrong end or take a drag from the mouth piece end of the device. BUT YOU MUST ACT QUICKLY. Any prolonged auto-firing can destroy the heating element inside or the device entirely.