Must Read: 6 Safety Precautions for e-Liquid and Vaping

Millions of people across the world have opted for vaping and e-liquid to assist them to beat the nicotine cravings in a flavourful, effective, and safe way. A majority of vapers would agree that vaping can be a fun and safe activity. This has been instrumental for some people to quit smoking, while others vape for reducing their nicotine consumption without having to deal with the harmful impact of smoking.

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However, any activity can be risky if you choose low-grade or wrong equipment which can become potentially harmful. The same goes for vaping as not following safety tips for vaping can lead to dangers and risks. 

Keep these 6 vaping security tips in mind to be sure that you do everything possible to protect yourself as well as those around you: 

1.  Proper Battery Use
This is one of the most important safety precautions for vaping as each battery has a limit on how much current it can offer. If you exceed that limit, you run the risk of suffering catastrophic failure.

Just like a lot of other mod security tips, this one is especially significant for anybody utilizing a mechanical mod. The most threatening element of vaping is the lithium-ion batteries which we use for powering most mods. Yes, you can count on these to reliably perform most of the time, but they can be harmful when abused and mishandled. 

Never forget that some of the most relevant vaping safety precautions surround battery usage. Avoid using the battery if you have dropped/hit it or damaged the same. Unplug the battery as soon as it has been charged. Also, you will extend its life in case you only charge your battery when it is fully depleted, instead of when the battery still has the power left. 

2. Never Overcharge Batteries
Most top-quality batteries have the feature of overcharge protection wherein your battery automatically stops charging whenever it is full. But, this feature can fail anytime resulting in damage or explosion. Charge the batteries where you can watch over them so that you can instantly unplug once full. Avoid overnight charging. The safety of e-cigarettes also requires you to never leave charging batteries unattended. Always invest in a good-quality charge

Several reported e-cigarette explosions took place during charging, as well as in various cases the damage could have minimized or averted with protected charging practices. Inexpensive battery chargers can overcharge the batteries as well as can make them more receptive to venting. If you want, you can buy a charger that can utilize amultimeter for checking the battery voltage. 

3.   Keep E-liquid out of the reach of your pets / children
The majority of e-liquid components are often harmless, excluding nicotine. So, when it comes to the safety of e-cigarettes, if you are making your concoctions with nicotine or using juice with nicotine, it is suggested to manage e-juice when pets and kids are not around. Never forget that nicotine when transformed into vapor is often harmless, however, ingesting it through skin or mouth can cause you nicotine poisoning. Since pets and kids are genuinely curious, it would be sensible of you to play on the safe side as well as keep them away from nicotine as much as you can. 

At specific dosage levels, nicotine does become a highly deadly poison. Already, there have been instances of kids drinking e-juice. These examples are tragedies as well as the community should do everything we can for keeping them at the minimum. 

4.   Don’t DIY your e-liquids if unsure
Blending your e-liquid is the best way of saving more bucks while vaping as well as an attractive hobby in its own right. However, if you try the same without proper knowledge of what is included, this can be harmful. Before you try DIY mixing, you must comprehend the health precautions brought about by managing high-strength nicotine.

In case you have just begun vaping, it would be best that you stick with the pre-made vape juice. 

If you believe that you are going down the path of blending your juice after some experience, you should first collect plenty of information regarding DIY e-liquids, how they are calculated as well as mixed. Make sure that you have every required material before you begin mixing. DO NOT BUY PURE NICOTINE as it is extremely dangerous, and can kill you if not handled in a professional lab environment. 

5.   Steeping e-liquids
Steeping is the procedure of letting e-liquid mature. Some vapers do this by leaving liquids uncapped or pressing air bubbles out of a bottle from time-to-time. The others only take the cap off for some days or hours and then return it as well as store e-liquids to safety. But if you desire to steep the liquid, one of the most important health precautions to take is by making sure that they are to be put in hard-to-reach and dark places. 

If you are leaving e-liquids uncapped inside the box, ensure that such a box is placed in areas that are away from pets’ or children’s reach. Treat the act of steeping like storage. Look for a lockable (or wall-mounted) cabinet or cupboard for keeping the steeping liquid out of the reach of kids and pets. 

6.   Always consider the expiration date of e-liquid
 You might notice that expiry dates listed on a few bottles of e-liquid, as with food expiry dates being generally incorrect, it is natural to wonder whether e-liquid is anything to worry about. There are no established expiry dates for e-liquids, however, you would notice that some store-bought juices have a stamp mentioning expiration date. But, it is known that nicotine, PG, and VG do have a shelf life of 1 or 2 years.

If your e-juice does not taste right, color has changed or ingredients do not mix when shaken, it could have gone bad already. In case you leave the e-liquid for a while, the sediment might develop since denser aspects sink through the mix. 

Always remember that e-cigarettes only become threatening if you act recklessly as well as ignore the risk potential where it exists. Keep the above-mentioned 6 tips in mind so that you will can relax and enjoy vaping. Generally, vaping is safe. Various vapers have loved the idea of using e-cigarettes for a long time now without facing any security issue. This is because they know that for safe vaping, they need to know the right practices to avoid health risks. You only have to remember that danger increases when you do not practice safety in the first place.