Most Popular Vaping Device Types in 2020

The most popular e-cigarette types are:

Standard Mini e cig (also called as Cig-a-likes)
They tend to have the appearance of a real cigarette. These can be good e-cigarettes for beginners to help the transition to e cigs.

These type of electronic cigarettes were the ones which made vaping popular.Their size vary depending on brand, but usually they are quite small and similar to real cigarettes (that’s why they are called cig-a-likes).

Despite the fact of being same size as traditional cigarettes, cig-a-likes are noticeably heavier. You can recharge your mini e-cig and you can easily change cartridges when necessary.

These of e-cigs will be a good choice for beginners, who are just looking for their vaping experience as they are affordable and super easy to use.

However, there are several downsides if you are planning to use them quite often. For example, battery wont hold as long as it will with box mods, squonkers or eGo electronic cigarettes.

eGo electronic cigarettes (also known as vaporizer e cigs or vape pens)
These e-cigarettes are bigger than cig-a-likes, thus, they last longer without charging. Also they produce a better vapour volume.

Vaporizer E cigs will be a good choice if you are planning to vape quite regularly and you want more powerful device.

Box Mods (also known as vape or e-cig mods)
This is the newest and most advanced e cigarette type. And to be honest, it seems that vape mods are the most popular e cig devices on the market right now.

Even a lot of beginners choose e-cig mods over tradition products. And it’s totally understandable as box mods are affordable and more powerful than their ‘ancestors’. No matter what you want to achieve (make big clouds or just have a great throat hit) vape mods definitely will satisfy your needs.

There are even more advanced mods which allow you to do various customisations and also allow you to sub-ohm vape.

Disposable E-Cigarettes
Disposable e-cigarettes are very commonly found in the markets. You can find them just about anywhere starting from gas stations, to bars to over-the-counter and many more regular places.

Disposable cigarettes are perceived to be the perfect devices for novices who are in the initial stages of smoking.

When a person begins to smoke disposable e-cigarettes, he or she either loathes it or absolutely loves it.

The inconsistency is quite evident among the smokers.Disposable e-cigarettes are often described as samples or simply tips of icebergs.

With that being said, it is possible for people to find complete smoking satisfaction with the use of disposable.

However, heavier smokers are granted little to not gratification with disposable e-cigarettes. They are in dire need of something much heavier and influential.

Cigar smokers will find these devices extremely useful. This is a popular selection among people who still believe that that indulging in the rich taste of cigar is one of the classiest things a man or woman can do.

The biggest advantage of electronic cigars is that it does not come with the pungent smell exuded by tobacco cigars.

With that being said, the taste and the feeling of an authentic cigar will be strictly maintained.

They are so realistic, that they can fool even the most experienced smokers. Try one today and give yourself a pleasant surprise.

E-Liquid (also known as eJuice)
Maybe E-Liquids doesn’t really fit under title “e-cig types”, but it’s very important to mention it here as well, because it’s one of the most crucial components for vaping.

Once you have purchased e-cigarette you desire, the next step to follow is the purchase of a high quality e-liquid.

Standard Cig-a-likes, vape pens, portable vapourizers, eGo e-cigs and mods all require e-liquid (or cartridges filled with e-juice).

E-Liquids are available in hundreds or even thousands different flavours.Most ejuices are available in various nicotine strengths ranging from 0% (zero nicotine) to 2.4% (very high).

We strongly recommend you to purchase Eliquids from reliable and trustworthy vendors only. Cheap e-liquids can turn out to be an investment that you will regret later on.

There is an enormous variety of different flavours of e-liquid to choose from, so whether you prefer more traditional tastes like tobacco or menthol, or whether you’d rather try something more unusual like a dessert-inspired or fruity taste, there is sure to be something that meets your expectations.