Most Common Mistakes for Beginner Vapers | Top 5 Beginners’ Vape Mistakes

Most Common Mistakes for Beginner Vapers

Starting your vaping journey is not always easy. There are many vape mistakes you might fall into if you are not well-advised. The aim of this post is to list the most common mistakes for beginner vapers that will possibly make you fail. Switching from tobacco to vaping can improve your health, so making the transition from tobacco to vaping right is really important if you want to have a good experience and switch to vaping successfully.
If you started vaping recently, here are 5 most common mistakes for beginner vapers to watch out for.

1. Not doing any research before buying your first kit
Before investing any money on vape gear, you need to understand what you are buying. The Internet is full of reviews, tutorials and tips about vaping. If you can’t spend much time researching, just go to a reputable local vape shop. I am sure they will be happy to help.
Many people buy their first kit on the Internet because they might be able to save some money. However, I would not recommend this if you are a beginner, unless you already know what you are buying.
Generally, I would recommend a simple starter kit with pre-made coils to any newbie, but with so many starter kits out there, it is hard to know what you are getting. Some people might find a simple pod mod kit satisfying enough, while some others will be already able to enjoy something a little bit more complex.

2. Not priming your coils before first use

Priming Atomizer Head

So you just received your new starter kit with your pre-installed coil. You cannot wait to vape on it, so you put some e-liquid in the tank and start vaping right away. Wrong! You need to prime the cotton of your coils or fill it up and wait a few minutes until the cotton is well-saturated in e-liquid.
Failure to do this will result in a nasty dry hit, or even worse, your pre-installed coil burnt and spoiled. If this happens, the flavor will taste burnt and the flavor significantly reduced. In some cases, you will have to throw away your first coil and get a new pack.

3. Buying the cheapest or the most expensive device
When you are starting out, you just need something that works fine. There are plenty of reliable kits for $30-$60. I would not spend more or less than that. Simply because you don’t need it. If you buy something very cheap, then there is a big chance that it breaks easily or doesn’t perform well. Stay away from that, it can ruin your first vaping experience.
On the other hand, buying something too expensive does not make a lot of sense because most likely you won’t know how to fully enjoy what you are buying. Brands like Geekvape, Aspire and Joyetech, just to name a few, offer very good starter kits at a very affordable price.

4. Choosing the wrong e-liquid and nicotine strength
If choosing the right mod is very important, then making the right choice for your e-liquid is crucial! With so many liquids and flavor profiles out there, it is not easy to find the right one for you. Once again, I would recommend you visit your local vape shop and try as many as you can until you find the one.
But picking the right flavor is not enough, you also need to know your device. Some vapes cannot handle e-liquid with high VG (dense and thick). So you need to make sure you are purchasing the e-liquid with the right concentration of VG/PG.

Nicotine Salt E-Liquid

Now that pod mods are very trendy you might want to try salt nicotine e-liquid. Choosing the right nicotine strength is, once again, super important. The nicotine strength is strongly linked to the ohms of your atomizers. If you pick an e-liquid with too much nicotine for a sub-ohm tank, then you will probably get nic-sick.
However, if you pick low nicotine e-liquid for a pod mod or a moth-to-lung vape, then you will not find it satisfying enough. Both situations might lead to you go back to smoking. So be picky with your e-liquid selection! It is a key point of your free-cig success!

5. Wanting lots of clouds and vapor from the beginning
People see others blowing huge clouds and they often want to experience that right away. Well, let me tell you that devices able to do that are not suitable for newbies and there is a big chance that you will start coughing after taking a puff from a RDA at 80W.
First impressions are important, and if your first experience with vaping is coughing, then you might give up. Luckily, there are so many options for newbies that will not make you cough.
Most pod mods for instance will mimic the tight draw from a cigarette so maybe you can start using something like that and then move into a big mod for cloud chasing with very low ohms.

As you can see, there are many common mistakes for beginner vapers. Vaping involves some knowledge and taking the wrong decision might discourage you from quitting cigarettes. Hope this post was helpful if you are a smoker looking to switch to vaping.