Money Matters: Are Disposable Vapes Cheaper than Smoking?

Is vaping cheaper than smoking cigarettes? Money matters in our decision on whether we need to give up our day-to-day habits as not everybody can be born in a billionaire’s home. But don’t be too upset as this smoking habit is quite harm your body. According to the statistics, annually around 8 million people die from using tobacco products. See, what a high death risk it is!

Now let’s turn back to the economical issue of vaping and smoking, which may swing your pendulum. Based on our calculation, the cost of smoking traditional cigarettes is far more expensive than using disposable vapes. If you want to know more detailed information, Stay tuned, and just keep reading.

How Much Do Tobacco Cigarettes Cost?
To gain a more representative answer, we will adopt the average price for a pack of cigarettes as our base data. You can see a chart from the UK government below.

In 2012, a pack of 20 cigarettes could be bought for just £7.1 on average, whereas in 2021, the average price has increased to £11.51. This price trend has been stable and growing for the past decade, and it is less likely to decline. For smokers, the UK is one of the most costly nations in Europe. Owing to the soaring tax and the cost of production, the expenses on cigarettes increase accordingly.

Now It is 2023, let’s take the price of £12 per pack of cigarettes as a standard number to make a calculation: if you are a heavier smoker, you probably use a pack of cigarettes a day to feed your cravings, which means you should fund £12 a day, with a weekly cost of £84, the monthly cost of £360 and £4390 in total per year. What a huge price it is.

If you smoke 10 cigarettes every day, you will spend £2195 a year. Even if you try to tough it out, merely 5 smokes a day still are going to set you back £1097.5 annually. By quitting smoking, all money mentioned can be used to invest in the things that matter most in your life. For me, I can make more plans heading to worldwide wonderlands!

How Much Are Disposable Vapes Compared to Cigarettes?
A Disposable e-cigarette acts as the best vape device for first-time switchers as it is easy to use and requires no maintenance. After scouring the UK vaping market, there is a price range for 600 puffs disposable pens from £3 to £6, the 0mg disposables 3500 puffs may reach £10.

Take the most popular vape Elf Bar for an instance, you can get an Elf Bar for £3.59, for convenience, let’s round it up to £4. Inhaling an Elf Bar disposable vape will be equivalent to roughly 20 cigarettes(£12).

That's to say, a disposable pod kit can be three times cheaper than a pack of tobacco cigs. If you transition to vaping, you can manage to save £8 per day and raise a whopping £2950 savings in a year!

Are Refillable e-cigs Cheaper than Disposable Vapes?
Vary from single-use vape bars, refillable electronic cigarettes are designed for a sustainable vaping experience, which allows you to refill e-liquid, change coils as well as replace tanks or pods. For a beginner, MTL(Mouth to Lung) starter kits like pod systems, and pen-like vapes are ideal options.

Despite the first lump cost of a starter device is more expensive than a disposable one, the ongoing cost of e-liquid, coils, and pods is less than a bunch of disposable pens.

Let’s take a rechargeable pod kit for an example, normally the average cost of this kind of kit(one purchased per year) is £20, plus the £3 cost of 10ml e-liquid(equivalent to 100 cigarettes) for filling and £2.5 cost of replaceable coils(one used per week), you may spend £356 per year.

As seen from the chart below, it is easy to come up with a conclusion: refillable vape kits are more inexpensive than disposable vape kits in the long run.

Benefits of Switching to Vaping

Take a glance at the comparison chart, it is obvious that average cost of disposable vapes and refillable vape products are far cheaper than smoking expenses. To loosen the financial burden on your shoulder, consider quitting smoking is necessary.

One of the distinctive differences between cigarettes and puff vapes is the flavours. There is a broad selection of flavours in the vaping world, including fruits, candies, desserts, soft drinks, mint, menthol, tobacco, and other creative blends. Whereas traditional cigs only are available in tobacco or tobacco menthol flavours. Flavour has been seen to be a valuable point for a ream of ex-smokers.

Vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking. The smoke produced from combustible cigarettes contains harmful chemicals such as tar, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde, having an irreversible effect Vaping is healthier than smoking. the vapour is generalized by heating the vape juice, without any odour and toxic substances compared to tobacco smoke. E-cigarettes have been a smoking cessation aid for smokers in the UK.

Vaping is much more affordable than smoking. You can start with a disposable bar that requires zero vaping experience and can offer you sufficient nicotine content and a wide flavour range. After adapting yourself to vaping, try a new beginner vape kit that is a more economical choice for you. Stop smoking is a long way that carries a bulk of tortures, but luckily, e-cigs can greatly help you make it.