Mod Guide: Uwell Valyrian II 300W Box Mod

Uwell is renowned for their highly reliable and stunningly advanced hardware, and the Valyrian II 300W Box Mod is no exception.  For one thing, this mod can reach an astounding 300 watts safely and efficiently, meaning that sub-ohm lovers will experience vaping power like never before.  The mod also comes with a complete temperature control suite as well as abundance of unique and intelligent features that work together to improve your vapes in every single way.
If you’re ready to grab the Valyrian II Box Mod, check out this guide first.  We’ve explored this mod and studied all of its features in order to walk you through the entire process of getting it set up.  This way, all that you have to do is follow these steps in order to ensure that you’re using it properly and to its fullest potential.

Step #1: Remove the mod from the box, leaving the user manual and charging cable inside.  Place the box somewhere safe as you’ll likely use both of these components at a later time.

Step #2: Find the magnetized battery door that’s on the mod’s base.  Open it and insert into it two fully charged 18650 batteries.  Then, securely close the battery door.

Step #3: Next, start preparing your tank.  We recommend the Uwell Valyrian II Sub-Ohm Tank as it was specially designed to enhance and the performance of this mod.  However, most sub-ohm mods will do just fine.
Preparing the tank involves selecting the right coil before anything else.  Choose your coil based on what resistance level will be compatible with your preferred wattage level.  Then, prime your coil properly and insert it into your tank.  Fill your tank with e-liquid and screw the tank into the mod.

Step #4: Use the power button to turn on your device.  Use the display screen and navigation buttons to choose your settings.

Final Step: Press the power button to take your first hit!
The Uwell Valyrian II 300W Box Mod is a truly superb box mod that’s as powerful as they come.  Having such an impressive device means that you’ll want to use it properly.  Use this guide to make sure that you do everything right from the moment when you take it out of the box to that first glorious hit.