Mini iStick 2 Kit by Eleaf

A little kit review today and this is the Mini iStick 2 kit by Eleaf. This review is for the complete kit which includes the Mini iStick 2 device and Eleaf’s GS Air 4 tank. I still own the original iStick Mini from back in 2015 and this Mini 2 is obviously an update, though still keeping its tiny form factor. So let’s dive in and have a look.

Packaging & Contents
The Mini iStick 2 kit is supplied in a branded Black cardboard box with a printed outer sleeve. The top of the sleeve includes the printed brand and title along with a shiny embossed image of the Mini iStick 2 and GS Air 4 tank. There is also 3 key features of the kit printed on the front. The right side of the sleeve includes Silver printed Social Media info for Eleaf and on the left side is a scratch-for-authenticity label. On the bottom of the sleeve includes printed box contents, specification of the kit, printed warnings and contact info for Eleaf. There is also a bar code printed here.

The contents inside the box are:

§Mini iStick 2 device.
§GS Air 4 Tank.
§USB Type-C charge cable.
§GS A 0.8Ω Coil.
§GS Air 1.4Ω Coil.
§User Manual for iStick Mini 2.
§User Manual for GS Air 4 Tank.
§Warranty Card.

All the kit and packaging are really well presented with everything included. All you need is E-liquid to get it up and running. The Mini iStick 2 kit currently comes in 4 colours at Health Cabin. Black (as reviewed), Green, Grey and Rose Gold.

iStick Mini 2 Device

The Mini iStick 2 runs on a built-in 1050mAh battery and is capable of firing 1.2W-25W of power. The device is built with Alloy and PCTG and measures just 97mm height with the 2.5ml GS Air 4 tank attached (slightly higher with the TPD 2ml tank attached), 32.8mm depth and a width of 21.5mm.

The main power/fire button is situated at the top of the front side of the device. Underneath sits the display screen above the +/up and -/down buttons which sit above the USB-C charge port. The sides of the device have a PCTG panel that curves around the back. On one side of the panel is printed ‘Eleaf’ and the adjacent side is printed ‘Mini iStick 2’. On one side at the top of the device is the 510 port (this will only accept smaller tanks without overhang) and on the bottom of the device are a few vent holes.

To power the device on or off, it is 5 fast clicks of the power/fire button. Press the button fast 3 times to enter the settings menu. On this menu, you can switch the power between Wattage or Voltage. There is also the function to turn the display on or off. You will also see a VPW settings option so you can have the voltage, puff counter or wave displayed on the screen. Pressing the power/fire button on your preferred option will keep that setting.

On the standby screen, holding in the up/+ and down/- buttons simultaneously will lock or unlock the device and holding the power/fire and down/- simultaneously will reset the puff counter.

There is what’s called an AST setting. The GS-A coil is made with AST Steel and used in tandem with the GS Air 4 tank and device, it will protect the coil from dry hitting. To turn this setting on or off, simply hold the power/fire button and up/+ simultaneously.

When vaping the Mini iStick 2 with the GS Air 4 tank, you can also have puff activated draw option so you don’t have to actually press the fire button if you wish. This method does only work with that tank and coils, and it’s the usual fire button method for other tanks used on the device.

As usual on regulated devices such as this, there are multiple safety protections on the chip.

GS Air 4 Tank & Coils

Eleaf’s GS Air 4 tank is supplied in the kit to run with the Mini iStick 2 along with 2 of Eleaf’s GS coils. These are rated at 1.4Ω and 0.8Ω.

The GS Air 4 tank is small with a height of 47.4mm and a diameter of 19mm. The bottom base section screws off and the coil screws into that to install into the tank. At the top sits a removable 510 drip tip and the top cap section screws off to fill the tank with E-liquid.

The bottom base section is fitted with a slidable airflow control ring where you can leave it wide open or adjust between 3 differently sized small holes on each side of the tank, for a tighter draw.

As well as the two coils supplied in those resistances, you can also buy the Eleaf GS Air series coils separately starting at 0.15Ω running up to 1.5Ω. You can purchase these at Health Cabin here also.

The GS Air 4 tank capacity is 2.5ml but there is also a 2ml Childproof version for TPD governed countries.

My Thoughts
So first things first, this is a tiny kit. A perfect setup while on the move to slip in a bag or pocket or something to take out when aiming for a stealth vape. It also is probably geared towards someone that isn’t a fan of pod kits and still wants that mod and separate tank, albeit on a very smaller scale.

Saying that, don’t let its size fool you. It really offers a brilliant vape and very good flavour using either of the coils in the kit. The vape from it is ideally set up for mouth to lung or a very restricted direct to lung with a lower wattage (remember its limit is 25W, so even buying the lower ohm coils that fit this won’t give much power).

The device’s battery gives me a good day and a bit of vaping before needing a charge, then it’s a fast charge in half an hour to full again. The settings are a breeze to use giving simple controls, the fire button is nice and clicky and the unit is comfortable in the hand. I like it!

The Mini iStick 2 device itself gives me a sentimental value when using it; being quite similar in stature and in use to its older brother. I bought the original Mini iStick shortly after buying my first ‘box style mod’ which was Eleaf’s iStick TC-40 in 2015; so there is some vaping history between me and Eleaf’s iStick’s (both still power up and work by the way).