Maxpod 3 by Freemax

Another little pod kit review today and this is the Maxpod 3 by Freemax. This vape brand has really upped its game over the last few months with some very good devices out. You can check out the Freemax ranges via the link above where they also have a nice-looking website to browse through as well as their store.

So let’s check out one of their recent small pod kit releases in this Maxpod 3 Kit.

Packaging & Contents
The Maxpod 3 comes in a blue cardboard box. On the front is a large Nicotine warning on the bottom with a clear window above, showing the device inside the box. Also printed on the front is the title in embossed holographic silver and a printed ‘FM SaltCoilTech 4.0’ (which refers to the coil used in the pod).

On the left side of the box are 4 printed key features of the Maxpod 3. At the bottom are a scratch-for-authenticity label and the printed batch number. Over on the right side is printed contact info for Freemax, social media info, and warnings. There is also a label here with the bar code and colour of the device. At the top of the box is a printed ‘Freemax’ with ‘Freemax Flavormax’ printed underneath.

On the bottom of the box are printed specifications, box contents, warnings and again, a large Nicotine warning printed on the bottom. This is strictly for TPD laws as obviously there isn’t any trace of Nicotine anywhere inside.

The contents inside the Maxpod 3 box are:

§Maxpod 3 Device.
§1 x MD Mesh 0.8Ω Pod.
§User manual.

Maxpod 3 Device
The Freemax Maxpod 3 is a small pod device running on a 480mAh internal rechargeable battery. It measures 99.5mm in height, 26.7mm in width and 18.2mm in depth. It is very light weighing just 39g. The output wattage is 9-15W and a voltage of 3.3-3.6V.

The device is made with PCTG, PC and ABS plastic using injection moulding. There isn’t a screen or buttons on the Max pod 3 and it relies completely on auto-draw. There is an LED situated in the middle of the front of the device that lights up as you puff. The LED indicator also lights when charging and turns off when fully charged. It also flashes when the protections kick in to give warnings such as Timeout and low voltage protection. Charging is via a Type-C USB port on the bottom of the device (you’ll need to supply your own cable).

There is a Silver ‘Maxpod 3’ title branding printed on the front and ‘Freemax’ printed the same on the reverse. At the top on each side is a simple small hole for airflow which feeds air through under the pod that is attached magnetically via the insert on the top.

The Maxpod 3 kit currently comes in 6 different colours; Light Blue (as reviewed), Grey, White, Yellow, Orange and Purple.

Maxpod 3 Pod/Cartridge

Inside the kit, is a 0.8Ω MD Mesh Pod. You can also buy the pods in 1.2Ω separately. The Pods have a closed coil encased into the cartridge so to buy replacements, you need to buy the complete pods.

The MD Mesh Pod has an E-liquid capacity of 2mL (6mL for Standard and US Editions) with a removable mouthpiece up top. To refill, simply click off the black mouthpiece by pushing against the wide side to reveal the fill hole. Then just click back on the mouthpiece when filled.

As specified by Freemax, the MD Mesh Pod uses Freemax’s new ‘FM SaltCoilTech 4.0’ which uses SS904L Mesh as well as a 50% increase in tea fibre on the wick. This will increase the flavour, vape consistency and longevity of their leakproof pod compared to other more traditional mesh pods on the market.

Airflow is fed via two holes on the bottom of the pod in between the magnetic connection that attaches the pod to the Maxpod 3 device.

My Thoughts
While a very simple little pod kit, the Maxpod 3 is a decent little starter kit or something for vapers to slip in a pocket while on the move. The build of it seems strong with its injection moulded double plastics so should be fine if dropped. It’s also very clean looking in its pastel-type colour.

The Maxpod 3 is very responsive on the puff which helps as it’s only an auto-draw firing device. Battery life is pretty good being only a 480mAh battery and the device fully charges in around 45-50 minutes from a flat battery. I can’t really find any cons with the device at all, it’s just a no-bells and whistles simple auto-draw device. It simply auto-sets the power on the pod resistance used.

One of the main selling points seems to be the MD Mesh Pods. Although primarily mouth to lung, you can get a very restricted direct lung from the 0.8Ω pod also, though it takes a deep drag to get there. I tried both the pods available, the 0.8Ω supplied in the kit and the 1.2Ω available separately. Both pods give a very good flavour throughout flavour profiles. Fruits seem to pop more but Desert flavours do hold their own quite well in these. I didn’t experience any leaks at all and only very minuscule condensation on the bottom of the pod at times.

All in all, a very good little kit that is ideal for a Cig quitter or vapers that want to go light.